Monthly Archives: September 2017

September 2017

13 Health Benefits of Receiving a Regular Massage

After a tough week at work and dealing with family responsibilities, receiving a massage can be a luxurious treat, but you might now know that it has incredible health advantages, too. Those who indulge in the massage known as Abhayangam in Ayurveda, which is practiced in India, can see these 13 health benefits with regular […]

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5 Best Massage Chairs Reviewed (2018)

(Updated in January 2018)  Our daily lives are more harried, rushed, and hectic than ever before. While modern life is full of incredible conveniences, we are still trying to fit more tasks and obligations into those same 24 hours in a day we’ve always had. To combat this incredible crush of responsibilities, we all need to […]

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7 Scientific Benefits of Daily Foot Massage

After a long day standing on our feet or running errands, we all know that a foot massage can be incredibly relaxing. We might not really understand the real, scientific benefits that a foot massage can bring to our health and well-being, but there’s science behind the varied techniques. The traditional massage relaxes parts of the […]

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