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November 2017

5 Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Not only is Shiatsu a form of massage, it is also a way of promoting wellbeing, increasing your general health, and balancing the energy in your body.What is Shiatsu Massage?Shiatsu originated in Japan. Like most massages, Shiatsu uses pressure to knead and sooth muscles, which stretching the body, and relaxing a person. Shiatsu massage techniques […]

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4 Important Benefits of Heat Therapy

Athletes often suffer from pulled muscles, cramping, and soreness in their bodies. How often have you woken up with a cramp in your hamstring or a sore neck? That makes us athletes, right? We can do it in our sleep. On a more serious note, muscle pain is a serious issue, and it afflicts all people, […]

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The 5 Benefits of Massage for Athletes

After heavy workouts or competitions, athletes turn to private massages to relax the muscles, which helps to a quicker recovery. Massages are also a must for injury prevention and they speed up rehabilitation.The Many Benefits of MassageMassage therapy will often provide full, or at least partial, pain relief. By relaxing and recovering the muscles, the […]

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