5 Acupressure Points to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Acupressure points for lower back pain

Applying pressure to specific points in the body, known as acupressure, has become widely accepted as a treatment for a variety of ailments and chronic pains in the body.

There are many pains that can be treated with acupressure like lower back pain including sciatica pain and pain in the hips. The channels that impact these areas are blocked and applying pressure to certain points in the body will open these areas, or meridians, as they’re known. It reduces pain and maintains the balance to these channels of energy (1).

What are the acupressure points to relieve lower back pain? Keep reading and we will explain.

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Pressure Points for Back Pain

If you are looking to do acupressure for back pain, focus on these five pressure points.

1. Kunlun Mountains or (Bladder 60)

The area between the Achilles tendon and outer part of the ankle bone is where the point is located. It’s great for back pain relief as well as neck stiffness.

Acupressure Point BL60

Acupressure Point BL60

2. Celestial Gathering or (Small Intestine 11)

Acupressure Point SI11

Acupressure Point SI11

For a reduction in lower back pain as well as tension in the shoulders, this point is the one that deserves your focus. In the middle of the shoulder blade, you might need some help to apply a finger of pressure here.

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3. Kidney Shu or Bladder 23

Acupressure Point BL23

Acupressure Point BL23

This point also requires some help. It’s in the middle of your back between the hipbone and the rib cage. You can direct someone to find it for you, but you won’t be able to access it yourself. It will help reduce tension in the muscles and relieve pain in the lower back, too.

4. Middle Crook or Bladder 54

Acupressure Point BL54

Acupressure Point BL54

At the crease in the back of the knee, you can find this pressure point. There are nerves and vessels here that could be injured with a too-firm massage. Apply gentle pressure to the point.

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5. Bladder Vitals or Bladder 48

Acupressure Point BL48

Acupressure Point BL48

Sacrum, hipbone and buttock pain can be treated with pressure applied to this point. It’s a tender spot located a hand-width from the sacrum. It’s in the middle of the buttock muscle.

This video shows how to relieve back pain with pressure points.

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As an extra remedy, try combining acupressure points with some yoga to manage the lower back pain. This infographic explains how.

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