5 Best Foot Spa Massagers Reviewed (2022)

5 Best Foot Spa Massagers

You are on your feet all day. Even when you are not on your feet, they are usually cooped up in a constricting shoe. When you finally let them loose, you can feel the relief. Your feet deserve a treat, and what better treat than a warm, bubbly, massaging pool to dip them in? One you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Foot spas are more affordable than ever. The quality has increased since they were first invented. They are becoming one of the must-have appliances for your home. And why not? Who would not love to experience spa treatment in the comfort of their own home?

Here are some of the best foot spa massagers on the market.

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What is a Foot Spa Massager?

A foot spa massager is like a jacuzzi tub for your feet.  You can give your feet a relaxing soak without getting the rest of your body wet or using a lot of water.  Many also have massage functions. Some people like to add bath salts or essential oils for added benefits.

Benefits of Using Foot Spa Massager

You may wonder if you need to get a foot bath massager.  It might make a bigger difference in your life that you would guess.  Here are some of the benefits that it brings:

  • A foot spa can help to improve your blood flow. Better circulation brings with it many health benefits, not just for your foot, but for your entire body.

  • A foot spa will help to rid you of pain, stress, and tension. The combination of the hot water soak and the massage is terrific.

  • With the combination of heat and massage, a foot spa is great for treating arthritic pain.

  • Pain can often be treated by focusing on nerve points at other parts of the body. Headaches can be treated by focusing on the nerve points in your feet. Using a foot spa can help relieve headache and migraine pain.

  • A foot spa before bedtime will help to relax and calm your body. This has been shown to give you a better sleep and reduce the symptoms of insomnia.

  • As the water and heat penetrate into your body, they help to remove nasty toxins which can build up. By removing the poisons from your body, you can benefit from better overall health.

The Top Foot Spa Massagers

Now that you understand the benefits of these spa foot massagers, let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.  This table provides a summary of the top-rated foot spa massagers and more detailed reviews of each one follow.


Key Features


  • Massaging rollers

  • Large size

  • Heat


  • Massage Rollers

  • LED display and remote

  • Heat

  • Dryer


  • Adjustable water jets

  • Adjustable massage rollers

  • Heat


  • Massage Rollers

  • Acupressure attachments

  • Heat


gasky foot bath massager
  • 16 massage rollers + pedicure stone

  • Bubble massage and vibration mode

  • Heat

Ivation Foot Spa Massager – Heated Bath, Automatic Massage Rollers with Vibration and Bubbles

What should you look for when you are thinking about purchasing a foot spa massager? You definitely want some sort of warming technology. You do not want to dip your tired feet in a pool of cold water. This massager has that.

Massaging rollers are also an excellent addition to take the stress and tension from your soles. This massager has that. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some water jets too? Well, this massager also comes with that. 

This massager is one of the larger on the market. Worried that your feet are too big? Worry no more. This massager will be a fit for you as it is one of the best foot spas for big feet. 

Imagine getting home after a long day at the office, switching this on, and then slipping your feet into the bubbly water. Add a few drops of essential oil, and you will be in heaven. 

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What Customers Like

  • Great temperature control.

  • Allows for the addition of bible baths, salts, and aromatherapy oils.

  • Fits all sizes of feet.

  • Built with quality and longevity in mind.

What Customers Don’t Like

  • The massage is strong and thorough.

  • The jets could be stronger.

Kendal All-in-One Foot Spa Bath Massager

We love this cheap foot spa machine. There are so many features that you will find yourself playing with the machine while enjoying your soothing foot spa massage.

This home foot spa comes with a water heater to keep the water at the temperature you want. The LED display allows you to see this information while being able to change the temperature with the remote control. You can adjust the heat to fall anywhere between 20 and 48 Celsius. 

Take advantage of the massaging rollers to massage the bottom of your feet and your calves. The water itself also massages you with waterfalls, waves, and bubble. You can heat the water, and the water is used in massage.

This brings with it some great health benefits. The warmth is able to penetrate into your tissue and stimulate your blood flow, giving you better circulation and better overall health. Not only will you feel more relaxed, but you will benefit from a boost to your metabolism and healthier skin. 

This foot bath massager comes with a foot dryer. Simply place your feet on the platform and the jets of warm air will do the rest. Great if you do not have mobility. 

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What Customers Like

  • Unit can be timer controlled.

  • The remote control makes it easy to use.

  • The feet dryer removes the need for a towel.

  • The unit warms fast.

What Customers Don’t Like

  • A bulkier unit than some.

  • Massage could be stronger.

Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

The Brookstone spa is definitely a higher-end model. You will feel as if you are in a posh spa when you dip your feet into the water. The luxury unit comes with adjustable water jets and adjustable heating features.

The best part is, the unit has been designed to do all the work for you. The temperature and jet intensity has been set to give you the best possible experience so that you can just sit back and relax. 

The water is warmed to 115 Fahrenheit. The twin jets circulate the water around your feet. The warmth is able to get deep inside your feet and stimulate your blood flow.

Not only will your feet be free of stress and tension, but your overall health will also be improved. The spa also features adjustable rotating jets, rolling massagers, and a spacious tub for all sizes of feet.

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What Customers Like

  • The pool is spacious, allowing for the largest of feet.

  • The pool is deep, giving more comfort than other spas.

  • The jets are strong, but they are also quiet.

  • The rolling massagers have been designed to give the best massage while also having comfort in mind. The massagers do the job but do it gently.

What Customers Don’t Like

  • The unit is bigger and bulkier than most.

  • The temperature cannot be changed.

HoMedics Bubble Bliss Deluxe Foot Spa with Heat

HoMedics have been in the health industry for years, and they have used that experience to create a foot spa which will take the stress out of your life. The effervescent bubbles soothe your muscles, taking the tension from them. The massage rollers massage the soles of your feet at the same time, getting deep into the muscles to take the tension away.

This heated foot bath massager also features two things which we love. The first is the splash guard. This helps to prevent splashes and spills when you are moving the unit, or even when you are moving your feet in the water. This can really save with clean up.

The second feature is the three acupressure attachments. With these attachments you can create a customized massage every time you use this foot spa. Acupressure therapy uses pressure placement on specific points in your feet which can improve blood flow, circulation, and release tension pain.

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What Customers Like

  • One of the most relaxing on the market.

  • Smaller than most units.

  • Affordable!

What Customers Don’t Like

  • The rollers need to be manually activated.

  • Can be noisy.

Gasky Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Vibration, Bubbles

gasky foot bath massager

Arealer have created a foot massage bath for those who are more active. Great for athletes and those wanting to get into the athletic world, but also great for those who are not. The unit comes with 16 massage rollers; great for after-run relaxation when you really need to get deep into your muscles.

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It heats up quickly and you can easily to adjust the temperature from 95℉-118℉ using the control panel.  The heating elements will keep the water warm while you soak your feet.

Once the temperature is set to your requirments, you can choose to add vibration or bubbles. The rich oxygen bubbles will make it feel like you are soaking in natural hot springs.

There is a box inside the foot tub for bath salts, rose petals, or other spa products.  After your foot bath, you can use the built-in pedicure stone to remove dead skin.  Your feet will feel amazing in more ways than one after your soak!

This foot spa has excellent safety features too.  It has an automatic shut off function, anti-roast positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heating unit, and hydroelectric separation system.

It has a warranty that covers any quality-related issues for 2 years.

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What Customers Like

  • Oils and salts can be added to the water.

  • The temperature controls are intuitive.

  • Helps remove dead skin

What Customers Don’t Like

  • Bubble function could be more powerful.

What is the best foot spa massager?

There are many great foot spa massagers out there. The technology is improving, and there is a unit for everyone. More money will generally get you a better spa, but you can still reap the benefits from a more basic water foot massager model.

Take the time to know what you want and do not be afraid to commit to the spa which is right for you. It could be the best decision you ever make.

Best Overall Foot Spa Massager

Brookstone Foot Spa

The Brookstone spa massager costs more money for a reason. Sit back and relax as this massager does all of the hard work for you.

Best Foot Spa Massager for the Money

Kendal Foot Massager Spa

For the money, the Kendal foot spa gives you more health benefits than you should be able to afford. Gives a great foot massage too.

Buying Guide for Foot Spa Massagers

A foot massager is designed to look after the health of your feet. They allow you to soak your feet in a pool of warm water, which will soothe and relax your muscles.

Most of them allow for the addition of salts and oils, to aid in the treatment of various foot ailments. The water bubbles help to detoxify and cleanse your feet, which the massagers get deep into your muscles and take away any stress and tension which you may have. 

What to Look for in a Foot Spa Massager?

Not all foot massagers are built the same. You may be tempted to look for the cheapest model (because how different can they be, right?), but it can be worth spending a little more to get the massager which is right for you.

It is also beneficial to do your homework first, before buying a foot spa. Thankfully, we have done most of the research for you.

Before you buy, you will need to know who you are.

Are you an athlete? Do you sit in an office all day? Are you on your feet all day? Would you benefit from the heat more or the massage? Do you want relaxation or do your feet suffer?

Once you know what you want, you can begin to decide what you need.

1. Heat

All foot spas will come with a heating function, and if they do not, then it is not worth buying it. (We have talked before of the benefits of heat therapy.)

When looking at the heating elements, you will want one which will last (especially if you will be using it repeatedly). You will also want to find a foot spa which has a comfortable temperature or an adjustable temperature.

2. Massaging Jets & Vibrating Rollers

If you are looking for a massage, then these are essential. The more powerful they are, the more intense the massage will be. If you only want relaxation, then you can choose a more basic unit.

3. Bubbles

It is worth trying a unit with bubble first. For some, they are extremely relaxing. For others, they can be tickling and annoying.

4. Noise

With more power, generally comes more noise. High-powered rollers and jets will generate more noise. This can be a tradeoff when choosing the model for you. You may even want to shell out more money to get the power with no noise.

5. Pedicure Attachments

Some foot spas come with extras. The most common will be the pedicure attachment. You can use this to give yourself a pedicure while enjoying the massage or after. An extra will cost you more, but it may be worth it.

6. Salts and Oils

You may want to use salts or essential oils in your foot spa. Not all foot spas allow for this, so if this is a must for you, you will need to make sure that you find the right spa.

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7. Remote

Most massagers do not need much user input, but there can be some. A remote can make the experience easier, especially if you cannot easily reach down to the foot spa. Will generally cost more but the convenience can be worth it.

8. Size

Most models will fit most sizes of feet, as they are designed to be used by the masses. If you do have extra-large feet, then you will need to shop around for a unit which will fit you.

Keep in mind these are foot spas and will not reach your calves.  If you need to target that area, consider getting a foot and calf massager.

Foot Bath

If you’re not ready to buy a foot spa massager just yet, you can also try a nice detoxifying foot bath with minimal equipment and ingredients.

Are Foot Baths Safe for Diabetics?

If you have diabetes, its best to talk to your doctor before using a foot bath at home. Soaking your feet may actually increase the risk of foot problems. While it’s important to wash your feet every day, it’s not necessarily a good idea to soak them.

If you want to pamper your feet, these foot massagers for diabetics might be a better option.

How to Use a Foot Spa Machine

Don’t worry if you have used a foot spa before.  It’s not difficult, just follow these simple steps for a relaxing foot soak:

  1. Gather your equipment.  You will need the foot spa, two towels, and if you like essential oils, salts, and pedicure tools.
  2. Place a towel on the floor to catch any water that might accidentally splash out.  Then place your foot spa on the towel.  Think about where you will do the foot soak, you may need to be near a plug to operate the machine.
  3. To prepare for your foot bath, wash your feet first.  You want to remove any dirt that could clog up the machine.  It will also help salts and essential oils soak into the skin.
  4. Fill the foot spa with water.  If possible use water that is the temperature that you want to soak in.  Then set the temperature to maintain it.  Don’t fill the bath above the maximum water line.
  5. If you want to use essential oils or salts, add them to the water now.  Be sure to check the manual for your specific foot spa to make sure it is ok to do so.
  6. Sit down, slide your feet in the spa, and select the settings you prefer – temperature, bubbles, etc.
  7. Relax for 10-15 minutes and let the foot spa massager do all the work.
  8. Take your feet out of the foot spa and pat them dry with the other towel.  Turn off the machine.
  9. Apply lotion to your feet.
  10. Empty the water from the foot bath and clean as instructed so it will be ready to use.  Wash the towels you used as well.

How to Clean a Home Foot Spa

When you use a foot spa, all of the dirt and grime which has built up on your skin and in your pores is removed. You may also use salts or essential oils.

With this in mind, it is important to care for your spa and clean it regularly. A few minutes a day can save you from having to buy a new foot massager spa.

  • 1

    After use, empty the foot spa and visually inspect it. If there are any large debris, the take them out. If the inside looks dirty, give it a wipe with a cloth or paper towel. Always check the instructions before continuing to the next step.

  • 2

    Once a week, you will want to clean the foot spa thoroughly (unless you are using oils and salts, in which case you will want to do this daily). Mix some detergent with hot water and use it to clean the inside.

  • 3

    Rinse the soap thoroughly. You do not want any of the soap to stay behind and irritate your feet on the next use.

  • 4

    Use a disinfectant to sanitize the inside of the massager. (only if it is safe to do so. Always check the instructions). Leave for the recommended time and then wipe off.

Is a Foot Spa Massager Worth It?

Think about your poor tired feet, don’t they deserve some pampering! Yes a foot spa massager is worth buying.  I think you will find that you use it quite often.  It could actually save you money because you might get fewer pedicures.

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