7 Pressure Points for a Quick Headache Relief

7 Pressure Points for a Quick Headache Relief

Pain can seriously impact your life across all aspects. When that pain is a headache or migraine recurring on a regular basis, it can be hard to function at all. There are different types of headaches from tension to sinus, but taking advantage of pressure points can relieve any kind of headache you have.

Being pain-free will allow you to get back to all the things you love. These are not all the acupressure points available, but they’re the top seven that will help you with your headache pain.

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What is a Pressure Point?

When we talk about a pressure point, we mean a spot on the body that you can press to stop tension or pain.  It’s the acupressure points used in traditional Chinese medicine which are thought to improve energy flow through the body. It may or may not be the spot where you feel the pain.

Do Pressure Points Really Work?

Many people swear by pressure points to alleviate headaches, but there has been limited research on the subject.  If you are curious about it, you should try for yourself. There are virtually no side effects from applying pressure to these points.

7 Best Pressure Points for Headaches

If you are ready to try stimulating pressure points to ease headaches, you need to know the best ones to use.  Some of these may not working depending on the type of headache that you have.

1. The Meeting of a Hundred Points

The DU20 acupressure point is also called the Meeting Point of a Hundred Points in Chinese medicine because it’s the point of origin for energy that spreads to the other points on the body. It’s a good pressure point for the relief of other ailments aside from headaches, too.

To locate the DU20, you’ll need to find the middle of the scalp. Draw an imaginary line between the forehead and the neck as well as the ears. Where those lines connect is the DU20.

It should be the first spot you start with when trying to rid yourself of a headache since all the energy flows from this point to others. You can hold or massage this point for a minute or longer depending on how long you need to feel relief.

Acupressure Point DU20

Acupressure Point DU20

2. The GB20 Point

The “Wind Pool” or “Gall Bladder 20” is the point in Chinese medicine that reflects the gallbladder meridian. It’s also known as GB20, and it’s available in the back of the head where you can feel the dip between the skull and the neck muscles.

There are actually two points that work together to relieve headache pain. They’re good for headaches that are a direct result of old injuries like whiplash or neck stiffness due to tension, stress, or colds.

The two points are to the left and right of that dip in the neck. Hold your index finger on the points gently but with firm pressure for one minute. If the headache hasn’t been relieved continue holding the GB20 points until the headache starts to lift.

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Acupressure Point GB20

Acupressure Point GB20

3. The Yang White Point

Another point on the gall bladder meridian is the GB14, which is the “Yang White” or “Gall Bladder 14.” This is another point that is actually two working together to relieve the pressure of your headache.

They’re found by placing your thumb over your eyebrows for spacing and looking at the middle of the eyebrow for placement. Hold both points for as long as a minute until the headache starts to fade. If it hasn’t faded, you might try massaging the area for a bit longer.

Acupressure Point GB14

Acupressure Point GB14

4. The Upper Star

The GV24 is also known as the “Upper Star” (or third eye pressure point) in Chinese medicine. You can find this point above the hairline over the middle of the forehead. Using your thumb for the measurement, you’ll want to place the width of your thumb over the hairline. That’s where you’ll find the GV24 point.

Massaging this point will relieve headaches associated with your sinuses. As always, massage or press this point for at least one minute to feel relief.

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Acupressure Point GV24

Acupressure Point GV24

5. The UB3 Point

The UB3, which is known as Urinary Bladder 3, can be found below the hairline. The UB3 is actually two pressure points on opposite sides of the head. You’ll find them by pressing your thumb sideways on the hairline.

Use the inside edge of the eyebrows on both sides of your head as a guide. The points are half the width of your thumb into the hairline, and they’re pressed or massaged to relieve sinus pressure, congestion, and headaches.

Acupressure Point UB3

Acupressure Point UB3

6. The Great Eliminator

For this next acupressure point, you’ll be moving away from the head to the hand. The LI4, which is called “The Great Eliminator” or “Large Intestine 4” in Chinese medicine, can eliminate a variety of health conditions.

The acupressure point for LI4 is actually two points. One point is on the upper part of the hand while the other is on the opposite side. You’ll be squeezing both to relieve your headache pain.

They are located in the meaty part of the hand where the forefinger and thumb connect. Press firmly on this area for longer than you would in other areas. It can take five to ten minutes to experience elimination of the pain.

A hand massager can also help to target this pressure point.

Acupressure Point LI4

Acupressure Point LI4

7. Ear, Jaw and Scalp Massage

The next pressure points are in this video where the demonstrator shows you how to get relief through ear massage as well as jaw and scalp massage. Along with showing you how to massage the ear itself, she’ll demonstrate how to use the pressure points on the outside of the jaw to relieve tension and headache pain that can result from stress.

More Alternatives for Headache Relief

Indian head massage is also known to help decrease the amount of headaches one has.  You could also use a head massager for headache pain.

Another alternative to help relieve headaches is to use an eye mask or even an eye massager.  Many eye massagers use these pressure points and also add heat to make it more relaxing.  You could also try using a TENS unit for migraine pain relief.

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Why Won’t My Headache Go Away?

If you have had the same headache for more than a day, it is possible that your headache is being caused by a more serious underlying condition.  It’s best to speak with your doctor.

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