Best Back Stretchers for Back Pain Relief

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A regular back stretching routine can help with exisiting back pain and prevent future back issues. It can strengthen your back muscles and reduce your risk for muscle strain.

Whether you are new to back stretching or want to make your stretching more intense, a back stretcher can help.  Let’s take a look at the best back stretchers on the market.

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What is a back stretcher?

A back stretcher is a device that is designed to help you get a deepter stretch for your back while you are in comfortable position lying on the floor.  It does the work that your back muscles would do if you were trying to stretch on your own.

How do back stretchers work?

Back stretchers work with your spine’s natural curvature to give you a deep stretch.  All you have to do is position yourself correctly on the device and you can reap the benefits.

Once the back muscles are relaxed, the back stretcher can begin its job of elongating the spine and creating space between the vertebrae. This works to fight the natural effects of gravity, which pulls the spine down as we get older.

Benefits of a Back Stretcher

It’s important to use a back stretcher regularly to see the full results it can offer, which might surprise you.  Here are a few possible benefits of using a back stretcher:

  • Relief from chronic back pain, sciatica, and bulging disks.
  • Increased circulation.
  • Quicker healing of injuries.
  • Improved posture.

Remember if you have a serious injury or prolonged pain, it is important that you speak with a healthcare professional before beginning a back stretching program.

What to Look for in a Back Stretcher

There are many similar back stretchers available on the market today.  When you are trying to decie which one to buy, these are the points that matter.


If you are not comfortable when you stretch, your muscles will tighten up which is counterproductive.  The device should be shaped for your body.  You may want one with cushioning.


As you stretch consistently, you will become more flexible.  It is important to find a device that will continue to challenge you.  Look for one that has multiple intensity levels.


While back stretchers come in a wide range of prices, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a good back stretcher.  Think about your budget then find the best back stretcher that fits.

Top Back Stretchers

Let’s do a comparison of the best back stretchers to help you choose the right one. The options are summarized in the table and there are detailed reviews below.


Key Features


  • Electric

  • 4 unique programs

  • Folds for easy storage/portability

Magic Back Support

  • Three intensity levels

  • Extra cushioning

  • Can also be used as a lumbar pillow


  • Unique seashell shape

  • Four intensity levels

  • Cushioned for comfort



  • Infrared heat with 3 temperatures

  • 88 acupressure points

  • 3 intensity levels

Belmint Back Stretching Electric Mat

This electric back stretcher mat was designed with the help of a certified yogi master so that it can target specific acupuncture points on your body and provide unparalleled decompression and pain relief.

The mat will automatically take you through four unique programs.  Choose from Stretch, Flow, Energize, and Twist.  Then you get full control over the intensity levels.

While this mat may be bigger than other back stretchers, it can be folded for storage.  It also has handy straps to make it easy to take it with you wherever you go.

You can relax your lower back, neck, shoulders and get rid of knots, alleviate pain, and even improve posture.

Read more reviews and check the price here.

Magic Back Support Multifunction Back Stretching Device and Lumbar Pillow

When you buy the Magic Back Support Back Stretcher you get a versatile device that can also be used as a lumbar pillow.  The extra cushioning makes stretching more comfortable too.

The ergonomic design includes a multi-level arch with three height settings so its appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  The intensity of the stretch can be easily adjust as your flexibility improves.

When you are not stretching the device can be used as a office chair, sofa, or car cushion.  It is made with 100% premium-quality memory foam so you can be comfortable and feel relaxed.

The stretcher has a breathable mesh cover, which wicks away sweat and moisture and keeps you cool throughout the day.  The cover can be removed and cleaned.

Read more reviews and check the price here.

RESTCLOUD Back Stretcher

The unique seashell shape of the RESTCLOUD back stretcher helps to support the lower and mid back.  It also has a removable ball that offers four intensity level options.

Keep consistent with the stretching and you will see an improvement.  This stretcher will progress with you as you gain flexibility, improve posture, and build spine health.

This back stretcher is comfortable to lie on. It is made from a specialized type of polyurethane foam, similar to an advanced memory foam, that is designed to compress while maintaining its natural healing shape.

Read more reviews and check the price here.

ChiFit Multi-Level Back Stretching Device

The ChiFit stretcher uses 92 acupressure points to stimulate your lower and mid back to help you get more pain relief.  The acupressure also helps relieve lumbar and back tension after a long day.

It’s ergonomically designed and built to last.  You can choose from three different gears to get the right amount of stretch for your body.

With the combined benefits of acupressure and stretching, you can get more pain relief.  You may even notice relief sooner than with other back stretchers.

Read more reviews and check the price here.

UTK Heated Back Stretcher

The UTK back stretcher uses infrared heat to help relax the back muscles and make it easier to get a good stretch.  It also has 88 plastic acupressure points to stimulate the muscle.

You can use the UTK device to support the back to release spine pressure or stretch the back to relieve severe pain.  There are three arch levels to choose from.

It also offer three level of heat (up to a maximum of 140°F), so you can choose what feels comfortable.  You can use the heating pad for other parts of the body too.

This back stretcher device is made with strong ABS material that can support up to 300 pounds.  The soft pad will reduce the pressure and tension on the back and protect your spine.

UTK offers a three-year warranty.

Read more reviews and check the price here.

What is the best back stretcher?

All of the devices on this list will help you get a better stretch, but there is one that stands out above the rest.

The Best Overall Back Stretcher Machine

UTK Heated Back Stretcher

The UTK back stretcher has acupressure points and infrared heat to make it easier for you to get better results.  Additionally, it can hold more weight than some other back stretchers, plus it comes with a three year warranty.

How to Use a Back Stretcher

You need to make sure that you are using the back stretcher properly, especially if you want to reduce lower back pain.  There are two things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you position it correctly

A back stretcher can cause strain if you don’t put it in the correct place.  When you put your body on top of it, your belly button should be at the apex.

2. Be careful getting to the position

Many people lower themselves onto the back stretcher like they would lowering themselves in a situp.  It’s less strain if you get into a bridge position, then slide the back stretcher under you.

This video provides more information and a visual illustration of how to use a back stretcher properly.

Back Stretcher vs Inversion Table

When it comes to stretching your back, both a back stretcher and inversion table can do a good job.  It’s easier to adjust the amount of stretch with an inversion table though.

Additionally when you invert, the blood flow increases throughout your body which can help with detoxing and preventing illness.  It can cause issues with some medical conditions like heart or eye problems, or pregnancy.

Keep in mind a inversion table will be more expensive and take up more space than a back stretcher.

More Tools for Back Pain

In addition to back stretchers, there are other devices that can be used at home to help with back pain.

Is a Back Stretcher Worth It?

Yes. Back stretchers are one of the more affordable options when it comes to tackling back pain, but they can be quite effective.

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