Best Bath Subscription Boxes For Those Who Deserve to Be Spoiled

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Bath time is the perfect time to pamper yourself.  As you soak in the tub, all your stress just melts away.  After your bath, you feel more relaxed and your skin feels soft like you have had a spa treatment without leaving your home.

There are many ways that you can make your bath more relaxing. You could make your own bath salts or use a bath pillow or bubble spa mat, but wouldn’t it be nice to get new inspiration delivered to you every month or so?  A subscription box could be an easy way to discover new products that make your bath experience more special.

Let me tell you about some of the best bath subscription boxes that could be the perfect way to treat yourself.  Alternatively, these subscription boxes could also make the perfect gift for someone that deserves to be pampered.

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What is a subscription box?

Subscription boxes are recurring deliveries of curated products in a particular niche. It is estimated that there are around 600 different subscription boxes in the United States alone and more internationally. 

While the recipient knows the theme of the box, the exact contents may not be known until the package arrives. Many boxes are delivered monthly, but some are quarterly or every other month. Most cost between $5 and $100 per shipment.

The Best Bath Subscription Boxes

Bath subscription boxes contain goodies to make the most out of your time in the tub.  They can include bubble baths, bath bombs, teas, soaps, candles, bath accessories, essential oils, and more.  Some monthly boxes focus on natural and organic products.

These spa subscription boxes make a great gift because it will encourage the recipient to relax and take some "me time".  As they enjoy the pampering experience, they will think of you.

Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy is the subscription box for the bath lover who wants to elevate the experience. It includes a carefully curated selection of 6-10 handmade bath products from indie bath and body brands.

The products (like bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, body scrubs, handmade soaps and more) are centered around a new theme with each box. It will help you get out of your daily grind and into the tub. 

You can choose whether you want to get the box delivered to your door monthly or quarterly. 

Unfortunately, this box can only be shipped within the USA.  The subscription will automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime

Get more information about Bath Bevy here.

Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box

Each month you'll receive artisan, natural, and essential oil-based bath and body products carefully chosen to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary.  You can decide whether you would prefer a bath or shower related Sanctuary Box. 

Each one features 5-8 items and could include:

  • one or more luxury bar soaps
  • one body wash, bubble bath, body bubble or liquid specialty soap
  • one or more delicious body scrub, bath salt, bath soak, body butter or specialty item
  • one or more bath bomb/shower steamer 
  • a bath recipe that will help you “cook” up a calming retreat 
  • a daily checklist with ideas to uplift your spirit every day.
  • additional items can include bath inspired goodies and accessories 

The box ships free within the United States, but there is a flat fee to ship to other countries.  Subscriptions automatically renew, but you can cancel anytime.

Get more information about Bath Blessing here.

Bubbles and Books

Bubbles & Books

Do you like to cuddle up with a good book while relaxing in the bath? It is one of life's simplest pleasures! The Bubbles & Books box delivers a combination of luxury bath products and entertaining titles for you to read.  

There are a few bath time box options to choose from that are tailored to suit individual preferences and budgets:

  • Tiny Bubbles - 5 or more Romance eBooks along with 2 other items which vary from month to month.  It could be two bath items or one bath item and one paperback book. This is the most economical option.
  • Contemporary Romance - 1 new-release, contemporary romance novel and 5 or more Romance eBooks plus 3-5 luxury bath products
  • Mystery & Thrillers - 1 new-release, mystery or thriller novel and 5 or more eBooks plus 3-5 luxury bath products
  • The Mystic - 1 new-release, paranormal romance novel and 5 or more Romance eBooks plus 3-5 luxury bath products
  • The Swept Away - 1 new-release, historical romance novel and 5 or more Romance eBooks plus 3-5 luxury bath products
  • Premium Contemporary Romance - 2 new-release, contemporary romance novels and 5 or more Romance eBooks plus 5-7 luxury bath products
  • Premium Mystic - 2 new-release, paranormal romance novels and 5 or more Romance eBooks plus 3-7 luxury bath products
  • Premium Swept Away - 2 new-release, historical romance novels and 5 or more Romance eBooks plus 3-7 luxury bath products

The luxury bath products could include bath bombs, artisan soaps, bubble baths, teas, candles, lip scrubs, whipped soaps, face masks, bath salts and more! You get a surprise treat every month.

Bubbles and Books boxes are available worldwide.  It includes the “Moment of Bliss Promise” which means that if you don’t find at least one moment of bliss from your Bubbles & Books box, you can get a full refund.

Your subscription will automatically review but you can cancel anytime.

Get more information about Bubbles and Books here.

Spa in a Box

Heart & Soul Bath and Body Essentials

This lavish bath subscription box will help turn a stressful day into a time of bliss with handmade self care products. Each month's box is created with a different theme such as "Spring is Here" and contains 5-7 handmade products like bath bombs, body scrubs, body butter, soaps and more.

Heart & Soul makes products that are all natural, vegan, cruelty free, mineral oil/ petroleum free, phthalate free, gluten free, and made naturally so they are ideal for those with sensitive skin.  This wellness subscription box offers great value ($80 plus of products) and you can get additional savings for longer commitments.  

It is available worldwide and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Get more information about Spa in a Box here.

Pamper Hamper

The Pamper Hamper

The Pamper Hamper is filled with tub time treats like traditional cold process soaps, handmade in small batches using sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free products.

Inside each monthly box you will receive five full-size, carefully curated, artisan-crafted soap and bath products to use at home.  Average retail value of each bath box is $48, which is more than twice the price.

Unfortunately, this box only ships within the United States.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Get more information about the Pamper Hamper box here.



Sudzly focuses on organic, all-natural bath and body care products. There are no dyes, fragrances or any unnatural ingredients in any of the products so its perfect for eco-conscious bathers.

Get soaps made with 85% organic ingredients and a carefully curated selection of handmade from local artisans across the US.  There are four box options to choose from:

  • Beginner Bliss includes 1 all-natural soap and 1 all-natural bath bomb, plus additional all-natural bath, body and skincare items.
  • Simply Soap Box comes with 2 bars of luxury all-natural soap plus additional full-size item/s like sugar scrubs, lotions, and large bath bombs.
  • Bath Bomb Box contains 2 all-natural bath bombs, plus additional all-natural and deluxe bath, body and skincare items.
  • Deluxe Spa Box is filled with 2 bath soaps, 2 bath bombs, plus additional organic bath, body and skincare items.

Unfortunately, Sudzly only ships within the United States.  The subscription renews automatically, but you can cancel, modify, or skip months at any time. They strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

Get more information about the Sudzly box here.

Bombs and Bubbles

Bombs and Bubbles

This bath bomb subscription box centers around a new theme each month.  It contains 3-6 full-sized products (like bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body wash lotion or bubble bars) that are all handmade. 

All the bath bombs are carb free, vegan, and cruelty free.  They offer four different boxes to choose from:

  • The Fuse - 3 bath items for an economical price
  • The Bomb - minimum of 5 full-sized bath bombs and bubble bars.
  • The Detonator - 6 bath items and free shipping to the US 
  • The Nuke - 4 bath bombs and 1 extra item such as a bubble bar, sugar scrub, shampoo bar etc.

Get more information about the Bombs and Bubbles box here.

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