5 Best Facial Steamers for Home Use – Reviewed (2022)

5 Best Facial Steamers for Home Use - Reviewed

Imagine taking a trip to the sauna.  The steam makes your face and skin feels so much cleaner, and bodies feel healthier. Making time for daily steam treatments is not always an option, and the cost soon adds up.

A home facial steamer could be a great substitute. Over time, an investment in a facial steamer will more than pay for itself, both on your wallet, and on your skin. Using a home steamer is a great way to achieve clean skin and open pores.

Some people opt to use creams and oils. While these can be inexpensive and make a difference, they still cost something and need to be replenished.  A facial steamer only needs more water added. Granted, you need to use electricity, but the cost is so small that it will not be a worry.

A face steamer will be the base of a home beauty regime. Let’s take a look at the best top facial steamers for home use so that you can decide the right one for you. Combine it with other beauty techniques to give you the skin that you desire.

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What is a Facial Steamer?

You may have tried to give yourself a facial steam treatment using a bowl of hot water and a towel.   There is an easier and more effective option.

A facial steamer is a small machine that is specifically designed to create steam and direct it to your face.  They are used as part of facials at the spa, but it is possible to create a similar experience at home.

Why should you use a facial steamer at home?

There are many benefits to using an at home facial steamer. The one thing to remember is that, unlike some other treatments, there is no real risk in using steam as long as you keep your skin at a safe distance as outlined in the instruction manual. Steam treatments will help with:

  • Toxin removal

  • Deep-cleaning skin

  • Blackhead and whitehead removal

  • Sinus congestion

  • De-stressing and relieving tension

  • Dry rooms

  • Increased circulation

  • Dry skin

  • Helps the skin absorb beauty products

  • Saving money (no more expensive spa trips)

Facial steaming

How does a facial steamer work?

They blast steam against your face, but how do they actually work?

Water is held in a reservoir inside the facial steamer machine. Heat is applied to the water (in a variety of ways). Steam is produced. That really is it, in a nutshell.

Oils could be added to the water, but some steamers do come with aromatherapy chambers, and we would recommend only using the oils in a steamer which is made to use them.  Alternatively, you can apply a facial oil, like this chamomile face oil, after your steaming session.

It is usually recommended that you use mineral or distilled water. This helps to limit the bacteria passing through the machine and stops any build-up.

The Best Home Face Steamers

Using a steaming machine means softer, younger, and healthier skin. It is unobtrusive and non-harmful.

Facial steaming really does make a difference to your skin. This who use them, swear by them. Blood circulation is improved, skin is firmer, congestion is cleared, and so much more (1).

I can hear you asking the burning question, how much does it cost? Well, you may be surprised to know that they cost way less than you may expect. Facial steamers (or facial saunas) come in every price range, and with every feature that you will need.

We bring you the best facial steamers for home use that we could find.  The table includes a summary of the options and there are more detailed reviews of each steamer below.


Key Features


  • Nano particle steam

  • 6-minute steam cycle

  • Sleek, stylish, compact design

Vanity Planet

  • Uses an ion generator to enrich the water molecules

  • Adjustable nozzle

  • Can be used with essential oils


  • Nasal cone to concentrate on problem areas

  • Includes Conair Facial Cleansing Brush
  • 7 timer settings with auto off feature


  • Creates nano steam combined with with ionic water particles

  • Comes with Blackhead Stainless Steel Kit and Hair Band


  • Uses Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) ceramic to vaporize the water

  • Internal fan helps to direct the steam toward you

1. Panasonic EH-SA31VP Nano Facial Steamer

What do we love about this device? The steam is pretty cool. Now, we know what you are thinking, steam is steam, right? Well, not with this piece of equipment.

The nano facial steamer creates steam particles which are 4000 times smaller than regular steam particles. We cannot claim to know the size of regular steam particles, but 4000 times smaller sounds pretty impressive.

This machine is extremely safe. It is easy to use at home. It is efficient and portable.

It does not matter what you need the steam for; this device is here for you. Need a short blast? Check. Need a long, calming session? Check. Need to unwind after a long day? Need to get those toxins out of your skin? Check, and check. This is the steamer for you.

This device is quite simply one of the best facial steamers on the market today. From acne and blackheads to smooth and soft skin, this portable nano-particle steam machine can take care of it all.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Things That Customers Like

  • The steam is almost instant. No waiting around.

  • This piece of kit is powerful.

  • The steamer is durable and built to last.

  • The nano-particle steam cleanses better than regular steam.

Things That Customers Don’t Like

  • The steamer can need to be refilled more often than others.

  • The noise can be higher than other machines.

2. Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

Relax and unwind while ridding your skin of impurities and dead cells with Aira, your personal, at-home steamer system.  It’s a full spa experience as you can easily add aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience.

The adjustable nozzle is a helpful feature.  Instead of holding this to your face, you can  have it in the same room with you, all while doing something else like applying facial creams. Second-hand smoke is always a bad thing, but second-hand steam never is.

This nifty little electric device is perfect for all skin types.  The Aira ionic facial steamer clarifies the skin’s complexion, improves blood circulation, and help the skin absorb more beauty products.  It uses an ion generator to enrich the water molecules, and allow the steam penetrate and clean even deeper.

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Things That Customers Like

  • This pro face steamer is stylish.

  • Aromatherapy oils can be added.

  • It heats up in seconds.

Things That Customers Don’t Like

  • Wish it was cordless

3. Conair True Glow Facial Steamer

One of the things we love about the Conair facial steamer is the price. Who knew that a home steamer could come at such a low cost, but does it still deliver? While the device is not the fanciest on the market, it still does what it has set out to do.

The device comes with a handy timer, a brush for moisturizing and exfoliating, and enough settings to give you the treatment you need. This steamer may be low-cost, but using it will make your skin feel tighter, clearer, and softer. It combats sinus pressure and nasal congestion. The price point of the device makes it very affordable.

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Things That Customers Like

  • A timer lets you control your session.

  • The design allows you to focus on nasal congestion.

  • The device does exactly what it says.

Things That Customers Don’t Like

  • The power is not as much as many others on the market.

4. LONOVE Nano Ionic Face Steamer

Clogged pores, acne, blemishes, whiteheads, zits, and spots. If you are still with us, great, if you are not, then we do not blame you. This device works wonders for everything we just mentioned. LONOVE has done a great job with this sleek device.

The nano, sauna-like hot mist makes you feel as if you are in a spa. The hot mist will soften your skin, moisturize it, and hydrate. You can say goodbye to clogged pores and unsightly blemishes. 

So, what sets this steamer above the rest? It uses a special Nano Ionic Steaming Technology to give you glowing, hydrated skin in minutes! The steam produced by these elements is reminiscent of a spa. The better the steam, the more it penetrates the skin to work its magic.

Better penetration means better treatment for everything on your skin, in your skin, and under your skin (including your sinuses).  Even after just one steam facial treatment, you will have noticeably softer skin and smaller pores.

As a bonus, this home face steamer comes with a stainless steel blackhead kit and hair band.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Things That Customers Like

  • The device produces a large amount of steam.

  • This steamer feels like a treatment you would receive in a spa.

  • The directions are comprehensive.

Things That Customers Don’t Like

  • Can’t use essential oils with this face steamer

5. NanoSteamer – Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

The NanoSteamer looks terrific. Like a blossoming flower, the top of the steamer opens up to gift steam to you, but do not be fooled by the gentle look of the device. The aesthetics hide a lot of power.

An ultra-sonicator instantly evaporates the water to create steam. This makes it one of the fastest to use steamers on the market.

This quality face steamer machine is a lot larger than most portable steamers on the market. It also uses Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) ceramic to vaporize the water. This leads to lots of strong and healthy steam.

The internal fan helps to direct the steam toward you. The steam is not lost to the cold air or directed away from you. More steam concentration means more help for your skin. Using this device leaves your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and soft.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Things That Customers Like

  • Great for acne and spots.

  • One of the best on the market for soft skin.

  • Easy to use.

Things That Customers Don’t Like

  • Even with the fan, there can be too little steam for some.

What is the best facial steamer?

Investing in a portable facial steamer can make a real difference to the health of your skin, and to your own health. Portable steamers can give your life really value at a low cost, so which is the one for you?

The Best Overall Facial Steamer

The Vanity Planet Aira wins this one. We love the stylish design and how it feels like a spa treatment with the addition of aromatherapy oils.  It heats up fast and it’s easy to clean.

The Best Facial Steamer for the Money

The NanoSteamer may not be the cheapest, but for the money, you are getting real value. It looks amazing, and the amount of steam is perfect.

How to Choose the Best Facial Steamer

With all the different choices out there, it can be confusing when shopping for a face steamer, but there are a few things that you should focus on.

Quality of steam

Steam is steam, right? Not quite. A big bowl of steaming-hot water is what we always used when we had colds, but after trying an actual facial steamer, the difference is very noticeable.

Most professional facial steamers use a heating element. This creates finer steam, which is able to penetrate the skin easier. It also keeps the steam at a consistent temperature and concentration. Not all steam is equal.

Speed of use

This applies to almost every device we own. The quicker it works, the happier we are. Facial steamers are no exception. It may only take a minute to warm up, but that minute feels like an hour.

The size of the water tank is the main thing that impacts how much time your facial steamer takes to heat up.   A larger tank has more water which means it will take longer to heat. If you want a large tank, then you might need to be okay with the steam taking a little longer.

Capacity / Volume

When looking for the best facial steamer, you should always take the capacity of the water reservoir into consideration. A large reservoir will mean more time between fills, but it will also mean a larger steamer. You should find a balance which fits your needs.

Many beauticians will recommend a treatment of 15 minutes for skin. Some steamers may need to be filled mid-session. If this bothers you, then you should buy a bigger model, if not, then a more compact or even a mini face steamer will suit you fine.

How to use a face steamer?

Many people switch it on and go for it, but it can be worth doing some preparation before diving in. Your face should be clean before using one.

Yes, you are here to cleanse your face, but you are cleansing deep. This is not a face-cleaner, and that grime is only going to get in the way.

Once you have washed your face, you should consult the manual. While most facial steamers are similar in how they are used, every model has its own quirks. The basics are: fill the reservoir, plug it in, turn it on, and adjust the settings.

Woman washing face

Once turned on, you will need to wait for the steam to appear. Some steamers for the face work quickly, but it is never instantaneous.

Once the device is producing steam, you need to worry about where to put your face. Some models have a receptacle to sit your face in, some need to be placed close to your face, and some are built to be placed in a room.

The steam will help open your facial poles, so it’s best to apply any skincare products right after you finish.  This collagen cream is clinically proven to reduce noticeable signs of aging.

How often should you steam your face?

When you begin to use a facial steamer, you should only use it for a few minutes at a time. It’s best to build up the time slowly to give your skin time to adjust to this new therapy.  The optimum amount of time for a face steaming session is 10 minutes.

Regular skin will only need a steaming treatment every week or two. Dry skin is best suited to one session every two weeks. For oily skin, a treatment twice a week will benefit you. If you do have sensitive skin or are irritated by the steam, consult a doctor or dermatologist.

How to Clean Your Facial Steamer

It’s also important to empty and clean the water tank of the steamer after each use, making sure to remove any grease or residue.  Be sure to read the instruction manual as there may be specific recommendations for the model of face steamer that you have.  This will help to maximize the effectiveness and life of the steamer.

Is a Facial Steamer worth it?

Yes.  A face steamer will quickly become part of your home skincare routine as you will notice the difference it to your skin.  It makes it possible to do a facial at home.  Just think of the money you will save on spa treatments.

(Last Updated in December 2021) 

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