Best Foot Massager for Large Feet

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Foot massagers are not one size fits all.  If your feet don’t fit comfortably inside the foot massager, you are not going to get a relaxing massage.

Luckily there are some quality extra large foot massagers for those of you with big feet.  We have done the due diligence for you.  Check out our recommendations for the best foot massager for large feet.

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Massager for Large Feet

You want to make sure you still get an enjoyable foot massage regardless of your foot size.  These are the features to consider when shopping for a foot massager for big feet.

Open Design

The massager needs to fit your foot.  While some foot massagers have a hole that you foot needs to go inside, there are some where you put your feet on a platform or that have a more open design where the toe area is not closed in.  This type of massager is more accommodating for big feet.

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Electric or Manual

Foot massagers come in two types: electric and manual. Both can provide effective massages for tired feet, it’s just a personal preferences as to which one is best.

With an electric foot massager, you sit back and relax while the machine does all the hard work for you.  Depending on the specific massager it may use techniques like shiatsu, rollers, air pressure, and vibration to relieve tension in the muscles. Some may also have a heat feature.

With a manual massager, you use your body weight as pressure on rollers to work the tight muscles.   The more pressure you apply the deeper the massage. These massagers are less expensive than the electric foot massagers, but won’t provide as relaxing an experience.

Types of Massage

With today’s technology advances, massagers can offer many types of massage techniques, there are plenty of shiatsu foot massagers, as well as vibration, air compression, and more.  The best foot massagers will offer multiple types of massage.  If you have a limited budget, you may not need more than one type, just make sure it offers the technique you like best.

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When you apply a bit of heat it helps sooth the muscles and makes it easier to get deep into the tissue which can really help soothe sore feet. Many of the most popular electric foot massagers include a heat option, while most manual massagers do not.

Easy to Use and Clean

You don’t want a massager that makes your life more complicated.  Almost by definition, a manual massager will be simple to operate.  Some electric foot massagers will use a remote control whereas others have a button that can be controlled by your foot so you don’t even have to reach down.  Ones with more features have some built in program options to help you get started.

Since your feet will be touching the massager, it is bound to get dirty.  Look for massager with a removeable cloth that can be put in the washing machine.  It doesn’t get much easier to clean than that.


Some people like to be able to take their foot massagers wherever they go, while others prefer to just use it at home.  If you want your foot massager to travel with you, it needs to be portable. While most massagers for the feet aren’t very heavy, they will take up some space in your suitcase.

If portability is your priority, a manual foot massager will make life easier as you won’t have to worry about cords or charging.


Some of the massagers on this list can massage more than just your feet.  If you have other problem areas, versatility is definitely something to consider.


Foot massagers have a wide price range.  If you have a tight budget, consider going with a manual massager as they will be significantly cheaper than the electric foot massagers for large feet.

Top Foot Massagers for Big Feet

While there are a lot of quality foot massagers on the market, which ones are the best for people who have large feet? We have summarized the options in the table below with detailed reviews further down.


Key Features

Cloud Massage

  • Intense massage for foot and calves

  • Open design at ends

  • Heat

naipo foot massager with heat


  • 18 massage modes

  • Fits big feet and high arches

  • Heat


  • Can be used for foot or back massage

  • 18 massage nodes and 4 massage modes

  • Heat


  • Massage platform has arch bar and targets pressure points

  • 11 speed options


  • Manual massage roller with 10 rollers

  • Lightweight and portable


  • Kit includes foot roller + 2 massage balls

  • Lightweight and portable


Cloud Massage Foot and Calf Massager

The Cloud Massage Foot Massager works well for large feet because it has an open design at both ends.   Then with a simple adjustment, it can go from massaging your feet to massaging your calves.

This calf and foot massager is powerful even at the lowest setting.  It uses heat to get deep into your muscles and boost your circulation.  You can customize your treatment using the different settings for heat, air compression pressure, and vibration.

It offers five different massage functions:

  • rolling massage
  • compression therapy
  • sway
  • heat therapy
  • quiet mode for calming relaxation.

While the massager machine fits most foot sizes, wide calves could be an issue.  The slots are 5 inches wide and 11 inches long when the air pressure cuffs are deflated.

With this massager it’s best to start out slow and build your endurance.  If you can handle the intensity, you will quickly notice improvement in foot and calf pain.

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Naipo Foot Massager with Heat

naipo foot massager with heat

Instead of slots, the Naipo Foot Massager has a pad where the user puts his or her feet. The specialized curved design of the platform is big enough so that people with feet of all sizes can enjoy a foot massage comfortably.

A daily 20 minutes Shiatsu foot massage session will provide much needed relief for the most common foot pains and aches.  It’s one of the best foot massagers for plantar fasciitis.

It features 18 massage nodes, heat, and a unique resin massage ball under the pad that will hit all the pressure zones across the foot.    It’s easy to use as all the user has to do is press the power on or off button with their toe.

This heated foot massager is one of more affordable options on this list since it’s missing some customization. While it’s a simple foot massager, it does have all the features of some of the more expensive options like massaging nodes and heat.

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HDJUNTUNKOR 2-in-1 Foot and Back Massager

Like the Naipo foot massager, users place there feet on top of this machine from HDJUNTUNKOR, so it doesn’t matter if you have big feet.  Plus, this massager is also ergonomically designed so that it can be used on your back.

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It is equipped with 18 powerful rotating massage heads massage to cover every pressure point on the sole of the foot and help promote circulation.  You can add soothing heat to make the experience more comfortable.

With the HDJUNTUNKOR, you can get a very customized massage.  There are four massage modes (Low-Speed, High-Speed, Low-Speed and Low-Heating, and High-Speed and High-Heating).  It’s easy to switch modes with just a tap of your toe.

The massager has height adjustment feet, a breathable mesh surface, and a cable storage slot to make it more convenient to use, clean, and store.  For your safety, this massager has 15-minute automatic shutdown and temperature control functions.

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MedMassager MMF06 11 Variable Speed Foot Massager

The MedMassager has been a favorite for doctors and therapists to recommend to their patients for years. Those dealing with serious health issues like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, or circulation problems will be able to get treatment with the right speed dedicated to their needs.  This machine helps improve circulation in the feet as well as the legs.

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With 11 different speed options, it’s an incredibly powerful machine. The settings range from 1,000 rpms to 3,700 rpms. With this wide range of speeds, it can offer cater to those who want a soft, gentle massage or those who want a deep tissue massage.

Since it’s a platform-style foot massager, it works well for large feet.  It is designed to pay special attention to the pressure points in the foot and angled comfort with an Arch Bar for those with high arches.

This massager has an optional lifetime replacement warranty as well as a one-year warranty against defects.

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TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

Anyone can use this simple foot roller massager and get excellent results.  It’s been configured with acupressure nubs and an arch that will fit a range of feet sizes and types.  The Theraflow roller can help with plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and other foot ailments.

Just slide your feet on the TheraFlow and feel the warmth of reflexology radiate from your feet to the rest of your body.  When it comes to stimulating and soothing your feet, the 10 independently-moving rollers can work wonders.

You can use this manual foot massager while traveling, at work, or watching TV.  It only weighs 1.5 pounds and it doesn’t need any batteries or wires, so it’s easy to take it with you wherever you go.

The Theraflow foot massager may look simple but it’s quite effective especially considering its price tag.  If you’re unhappy with your Theraflow Foot Massager for any reason, they will replace it or give you a refund, no questions asked.

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TOBREFE Foot Roller Massage Ball Set

Similar to the Theraflow massager, this set includes tools that work for all feet sizes, are simple to use, and don’t require any electric power.  Simply roll your feet on the foot massager a few times a day and you will notice a difference.  It’s an effective massage for reducing all kinds of foot pain and relieving tired achy feet.

In this set, you get one foot roller and two massage balls.  The massage roller will work the foot, arches, and heel, while the spiky balls are designed to reach other areas that the roller can’t.

These foot massage tools are designed to last and easy to clean as they are all made from non-toxic premium TPR and PVC material.   It doesn’t have any chemical smell.  The spiky outer layer provides a stimulating effect that helps to improve circulation throughout the entire body.

This massage ball set is so versatile that you can use it on hamstrings, quads, chest, biceps and triceps, forearms, wrist, hands, feet, calves, shoulders, hamstrings, upper and lower back for pain relief.  It’s a full body massage solution that you can easily take with wherever you go.

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What is the Best Foot Massager for Large Feet?

The Best Overall Foot Massage Machine for Large Feet

Naipo Shiatsu Foot Massager

naipo foot massager with heat

With it’s platform design, this foot massager fits all foot sizes.  It uses 18 deep-kneading nodes plus heat to help many common foot ailments. It’s easy to use as everything is controlled with one button.

The Best Large Foot Massage Machine for the Money

Theraflow Manual Foot Massager

This simple foot roller can get similar results to the more expensive foot massager machines and costs a lot less.  Additionally, since it’s lightweight and doesn’t need cables or a battery, you go take it with you anywhere you go.

If anyone reading this article does not have large feet but instead would like to know the best foot massager for small feet, then please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know!

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