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Best Posture Bra Review

Posture is a problem which affects many people, but women are particularly susceptible. Whether it be self-made problems such as wearing high heels or unavoidable problems such as having large breasts, it is an uphill battle to fight against day to day pain and gain correct posture.

Bad female posture is something which can bring a plague of problems, but it is also something which we can deal with if we take the correct steps using things such as posture correctors. In some cases, it can be as easy as changing the shoes we wear, but other problems need to be managed and cannot be prevented.

Some women opt to endure surgery to reduce breast size, but this is not an option available to all women. Not only is it expensive, but it can bring its own problems. A more affordable (and safer) option is to use a bra that corrects posture, which can help to reduce neck and shoulder pain and keep your shoulders forward.

Let’s take a look at some of the best posture correcting bras on the market today.

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What is a Posture Bra?

A posture bra helps you to find the correct posture by giving you more support than a regular bra would. These bras look similar to other bras out there, especially sports bras, but the feel is completely different.

They actively reduce the tension on your neck, shoulders, and back. Most will feature front closure for ease of use, thick straps to distribute weight over a larger area, and separated cups to provide more support where it is needed.

What are the benefits of a Posture Bra?

A regular bra is designed with the look as a primary feature. They are designed for support, but only generic support.

With a posture bra, the weight of your breasts is supported evenly, instead of the strain being on your shoulders. This prevents shoulder, neck, and back pain.

A posture bra allows you to stand up straighter and with less pain. The distribution of weight allows you to focus on strengthening your muscles and exercising comfortably to better improve your posture.

With a correct and straighter posture, you will suffer from fewer health problems, look better, and feel more confident.

Are there any downsides to wearing a bra for posture support? 

  • Posture bras are designed for support primarily. They are not as sexy as some other bras.
  • The coverage needed for support makes them less compatible with low-cut tops.
  • Posture bras are not a long-term solution but will support you in overcoming bad posture.

Posture Bra vs. Sports Bra

Posture bras and sports bras may look the same, but they are not the same. Both will give you better support, but they are designed for different purposes.

The main aim of a sports bra is to keep your breasts in place when you are active. They are designed to stop your breasts from moving around and causing strain, but they are not designed with your back, shoulders, and neck in mind. They deal with the stress of moving parts, rather than the stress large breasts can cause.

A posture bra is designed to take the stress off of your neck, back, and shoulders. They provide support to your upper body and support you in gaining correct posture. They do not keep your parts in place when you are active.

A posture bra is used to replace your regular bra and support correct posture. A sports bra is used in place of your regular bra when you are active,

Do posture bras work?

Yes, they do, but they are not a cure. By wearing a posture bra and doing nothing else, you are not going to correct your posture. A posture bra is a tool in helping you to correct your posture.

By removing the stress and tension from your neck, back, and shoulders, you are able to exercise and strengthen the muscles which promote good posture. You are also able to teach your body the correct posture without feeling sore and uncomfortable.

What is the best posture corrector: a bra or a brace?

This depends on what is causing your bad posture. If your bad posture is caused by large breasts, then a bra with posture support is the way to go. If your bad posture is caused by something else, such as an injury, then a posture brace is what you need.

While a posture bra will set you back a little more than a posture brace, it really is the only way to go if you have large breasts. You cannot put a price on a comfortable and happy life, and the advantage of a posture bra is that you can wear it for longer.

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What to look for when choosing a Posture Support Bra

There are specific considerations to think about when buying a posture support bra.


It is critical that you choose a bra which fits, and a lot of the time, this is as simple as being measured and choosing a bra which is your size. This is especially important with a posture bra.

If you are wearing the wrong size, then you are not going to get the support you need to correct your posture, and you may even worsen your posture. Take the time to get measured or measure yourself.

Separated Cups 

Your breasts are individuals. If they are forced together to be supported by one cup, then you are not going to get the support you need and deserve. When looking for a perfect posture bra, separate cups are a must.

High Racerback

A cross-back design is important to relieve the stress on your shoulders. It will remove a lot of the tension from your back and breasts and give you the support you need. Make sure that the back of your bra is not too low or the support will be lost.

Front Closure

A front hook keeps the weight of your breasts at the front where they can be supported by the cups instead of moving the weight to your back where stress and strain can take hold. A front hook will also be easier to put on. Look for a closure with multiple hooks to allow you adjustments.

The 5 Best Posture Bras

To help you sort through all the options, we have put together this table that summarizes the top posture bras available.  Below you can find detailed reviews of each one.


Key Features


  • Wireless

  • PowerSlim ‘X’ reinforcement straps

  • Double-layered contour cups


  • Wire-free design

  • Power Support ‘X’ back support

  • Magic Ring technology to lift and support


  • No wire

  • Inner cushioned band

  • Back support sits lower so you have the option to wear lower tops 

Glamorise Long Line

  • Gives you a slimmer look

  • Back closure


  • Wide straps

  • Front closure

  • Lace detail

Leonisa Posture Corrector Wireless Bra

A wireless bra is always a key selling point, in my opinion. Wire can provide a lot of support and welcome rigidity, but if done right, a wireless bra is always more comfortable.

The PowerSlim ‘X’ reinforcement straps at the back of this bra provide strength and support. The double-layered contour cups also keep your breasts in place all day (and have the added benefit of providing good shape).

While this is not a sports bra, the wide under-bust band gives optimum support when you are exercising. The wide straps feel great on your shoulders and spread a lot of the weight, removing pain and tension.

The straps are also adjustable, a must in any bra.  This bra comes in black, tan, and white, perfect for almost any outfit.

Click here to check price and read more reviews.

If you are not sold on this one and would like an underwire posture bra from Leonisa, then you can also check out this one.

What Customers Like



    Supportive as well as comfortable



    Alleviates upper back and shoulder pain



    Straps stay in place

What Customers Don’t Like



    Front and back are high so can’t wear under low cut tops



    Multiple hooks to close takes a bit of getting used to

Playtex 18-Hour Back Support Posture Bra 

This amazing bra from Playtex features a Power Support ‘X’ back support to help guide you into standing taller and with great posture. The one thing which I love about this bra is that it has been designed to be worn for up to 18 hours a day. This is in part due to the wire-free design which is extremely comfortable on your sides and your back.

This bra uses trademarked Magic Ring technology to lift and support your breasts without giving you a lumpy or unnatural look. If you want to look and feel your best, then Playtex will win you over with this bra.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

What Customers Like



    Reasonable price



    Comfortable and helps improve posture



    Provides nice lift and side support

What Customers Don’t Like



    Runs small



    Some would like the bra to have more padding

Glamorise MagicLift Posture Bra

No wire here, and yet, the support is fantastic. The inner cushioned band is what gives you the bulk of that support while maintaining a great shape, which is important when you are not feeling your most confident.

The cotton-Lycra bands provide shoulder support and help to guide you back to the correct posture. The back support also sits lower which gives you the option to wear lower tops, without your bra showing through.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

What Customers Like



    Can be worn with lower tops



    Comfortable and provides good shoulder support



    Fits as expected

What Customers Don’t Like



    Some say bras separates breasts more than necessary



    Some report hooks come undone

Glamorise MagicLift Long Line Wire-free Bra

This bra has been designed to give you support, but you will also be amazed at how good you look while wearing it. The look is sleek, slim, and smooth, especially under clothes. If you want to look your best and need a bra which will go unnoticed under your outfit, then this is the one for you, although the trade-off for style is a lack of a front closure.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

What Customers Like



    Gives you a slimmer look



    Comfortable enough to wear all day



    Provides nice lift and support

What Customers Don’t Like



    Sizing is not accurate – you need to go up one size in the band and down one size in the cup 



    Back closure

DELIMIRA Full Coverage Wire-free Lace Bra

This bra is not strictly a posture bra, but it will give you a lot more support than a regular bra. It has a lot of the features of a posture bra, such as the front closure and wide straps, but it should not be your first choice when improving your posture.

If you want a bra which will look great, and go some way to improving your posture (alongside a posture bra), then this lace bra will look great for a night out on the town.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

What Customers Like



    Great price



    Pretty design with lace



    Provides comfortable support and shape 

What Customers Don’t Like



    Racerback is lower than other posture bras



    Not enough padding in cups

What are the best bras for posture support?

Overall, there are several quality options when it comes to posture support bras. You need a bra that is comfortable, yet provides enough support to alleviate pain and help your to improve your posture.

The Best Overall Posture Support Bra

Leonisa Posture Corrector Wireless Bra

This bra provides the most support and is still comfortable enough to wear all day.  You will love how this posture bra looks and feels.

The Best Posture Bra for the Money

Playtex 18-Hour Back Support Posture Bra 

If you are on a budget, the Playtex Support Bra is a great option.  It’s comfortable enough to wear for 18 hours and will help to reduce strain from poor posture.

How long can I wear a Posture Support Bra?

A posture support bra can be worn all day, and I would recommend taking it off for comfort when you sleep (though some women find that they are comfortable to sleep in too). You should also never wear a posture bra for exercising. A sports bra is perfectly designed for when you are active.

The purpose of a posture bra is to help you strengthen your muscles and find the correct posture, so it is designed to be worn for as little time as possible. The longer you wear it, the more chance you have of weakening your muscles, and if you find that a posture bra is not helping you to correct your posture, then you should consult a medical professional.

How do I care for my Posture Support Bra?

You should treat your posture bra as you would your regular bra.  It’s best to hand wash it to maintain its appearance and functionality. Lay your bra flat to dry, and wait until it is completely dry before wearing again.  Also, to extend the life of your posture support bra, don’t wear the same one consecutive days.

Is a Posture Support Bra Worth It?

Yes a posture support bra may cost more than your average bra, but it is worth it because it does more.  It can help relieve back pain and also improve your appearance and confidence.  A posture support bra is an investment in yourself.

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