How Much Does A Shiatsu Massage Cost?


How Much Does A Shiatsu Massage Cost?

5 Important Features To Know Before Buying A Massage Chair

Massage chairs used to be essential machines limited to vibration and basic roller strokes for pain relief. Modern massage chairs can closely imitate the benefits and feel of a licensed massage therapist.

The beauty of a body massage chair is that you may use its advantages whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.

1. Kneading

It is one of the essential characteristics of modern massage chairs. The technique, known as Shiatsu, uses rolling and kneading motions to accomplish its goals. It moves outward while beginning in the core of the spine. It’s comparable to having your back massaged by two hands. This feature might help you unwind and calm your stressed-out back.

2. Rolling

The rolling motion of modern massage chairs is an additional key feature. Your spine’s bones can be moved softly, and your muscles will be stretched and comforted. Rollers gently roll your spine in all directions—sideways, upward, and downward. This feature will be found on high-quality massage chairs.

3. Tapping

This is another key design that your massage chair ought to feature. Additionally called the percussive massage. In addition to making you feel fantastic, it can encourage healthy blood circulation.

4. Zero Gravity Recline

NASA identified the Zero Gravity massage chairs as the best relieving pressure on your spine and joints: a full recline to 160 or 180 degrees with a small bend in your hips and knees. Since you will be able to put a lot of weight on it, you will be able to enjoy the massage more. A zero-gravity chair can also help reduce back stress and improve blood circulation.

5. Heat

The most desirable massage chairs feature heat for extra comfort and tension relief. The warm air created by the massage chair can help relax your muscles and give you an even more comfortable massage experience.


Shiatsu is an effective massage therapy used to treat various ailments ranging from muscle tension to headaches and insomnia.

The exact cost of shiatsu massage services will depend on factors such as location, the experience level of the therapist, and any package deals they might offer customers who book multiple sessions at once.

However, whatever your budget may be, there is likely an experienced practitioner out there who can provide quality care within it!

Considering all these factors when deciding about shiatsu massage services, you can ensure that your needs are met while still staying within your budget limits!

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