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We’ve talked about the scientific benefits from daily foot massages, but can you achieve these benefits using different types of foot massages? Yes. If a traditional foot massage isn’t for you or you want to try something new, there are other options.

I would encourage you to have a traditional Thai foot massage.  While it may not be as well known as other foot massage techniques, it can be quite effective.

In this post, we will share more about this massage style.  You can find out more about the benefits of Thai foot massage and the risks and decide if it might be right for you.

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What is Traditional Thai Foot Massage?

Thai Foot Massage (sometimes also called Thai Reflexology) combines a feet and lower leg massage with acupressure.  While it is a lower body treatment you will feel the impact on the whole body.

The treatment typically takes place on a massage table (or sitting in a recliner) while you are fully clothed.  The massge therapist will use their hands, special wooden tools, and sometimes foot massage oil or lotion to stimulate pressure points and relieve muscle tension.

Theory Behind Thai Foot Massage

Thai foot massage, like Thai massage, has its roots in Chinese medicine.  At a high level, the treatment uses stimulation of specific pressure points to restore the free flow of energy in the body.

Life force energy known as chi (pronounced “chee”) needs to flow along meridians called Sen lines.  Stress and environmental toxins can impede the natural pathways for energy which can lead to many issues including illness and disease.

During Thai foot massage, pressure points along the Sen lines are worked so that the free flow of energy is restored.  Not only will this enhance your overwell well-being, but you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Benefits of Thai Foot Massage

There are many potential benefits of this Thai foot reflexogy treatment, but the results may vary for each individual. Here are some examples:

  • Improved circulation throughout the body but especially in the feet and legs
  • Reduced swelling as toxins are released
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Less stiffness and improved flexibility and range of motion in the feet and ankles
  • Reduced pain from workouts and other physical activity
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Fewer headaches
  • Lower stress levels and better mood
  • Can be helpful for diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy according to a NCBI study

What to Expect When You Get a Thai Foot Massage

A Thai foot massage will vary depending on where you get it, but in general, you can expect the following:

  • The massage will include your lower legs and knees as well as your feet.
  • Typically, you will be on a massage table, but sometime you will sit in a reclining chair instead
  • You will not need to undress, but you should wear something that can easily be raised above the knee.
  • A wooden stick, like this, may be used to stimulate pressure points.
  • The treatment can last up to 1 hour.

Can You Do Thai Foot Massage at Home?

Yes.  While you don’t need any expensive equipment, it’s best if you have someone to give you the massage as it’s not easy to do on yourself.  This video demonstrates some of the basic techniques.

Does Thai Foot Massage hurt?

It may feel a bit uncomfortable at times (especially if your feet are ticklish) but it should not be painful.  If you feel pain, you should immediately let the massage therapist know so that the pressure level can be adjusted.

Are there risks or side effects of a Thai Foot Massage?

For the most part, Thai Foot Massage is safe, but like other types of massages, if you have a medical condition or injury or are pregnant, it is important to check with your doctor prior to starting a treatment program. It is also normal to feel a bit sore after the massage, but if pain persists you should contact your doctor.

How often can you get a Thai Foot Massage?

Regular massage does lead to greater benefits.  You could have a Thai Foot Massage daily if you wanted to.

Other Types of Foot Massage and Spa Treatments

In addition to Thai foot massage, you may also want to try other styles of foot massage treatments.  Here are a few ideas:

If you prefer to have a machine do the work for you, think about investing in a foot massager or a foot spa massager.

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Is a Thai Foot Massage worth trying?

Yes, it is a relaxing and energizing massage of the feet and lower legs that can provide benefits for the entire body.

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