The 10 Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety

10 Best Natural Remedies for Anxiety

We all suffer from anxiety in varying degrees. For some, it can take a big toll on the quality of our lives, while for others, it is just a temporary reaction to daily situations. It may be warning us of dangers, readying us for challenges, or heightening our senses to deal with stress. It is when our natural function snowballs that life can become impossible.

If anxiety is affecting your life, there are ways you can fight back. Some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can make a massive difference. Changing what you eat, adding supplements, exercising, sleeping well, and taking care of yourself are the natural remedies which will have you fighting anxiety. 

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Here are the best remedies for gaining control of your anxiety.

1. Chamomile Tea

It seems that everywhere you go, people are drinking chamomile tea for a variety of health benefits. Well, it is no wonder that they are. Chamomile tea contains apigenin and luteolin. Both of these natural chemicals help with relaxation. Studies have shown that drinking chamomile tea or taking chamomile supplements can significantly decrease anxiety symptoms [1].

If you don't like the taste of Chamomile tea, maybe you would prefer this Chamomile tea eye treatment.

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Chamomile Tea

2. Omega-3

Omega-3 is packed full of amazing fatty acids. In recent tests, there has been evidence that these fatty acids lower the levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body [2]. As these chemicals are lowered, your stress is lowered too. Less stress means less anxiety.

So where can you get omega-3? You can buy supplements , but you can also add it easily to your diet. Fish, such as tuna and salmon are packed full of omega-3. Walnuts and flaxseed are also high in omega-3. Add some to your diet and do not feel too surprised if your mental state improves.

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Grilled Salmon

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has been shown to give some amazing results. A study has shown that people who were massaged with lavender oil showed more happiness and positivity than those who underwent a regular massage.

This wonderful oil has also been shown to help reduce blood pressure [3]. When blood pressure goes down, and positivity goes up, you are one step closer to curbing your anxiety.

It's easy to add lavender to your day. Add a few drops to your bath and relax in the warm scented water. Drop a few drops onto your pillow and allow to dry. You may wake up happier and more refreshed. If you need a quick calming session, boil some water, add some lavender oil, place your head over it, and breath in the scented steam. If you can find a friend to help, have them give you a back or foot massage with lavender oil.

In addition to using lavender at home, it's an effective essential oil you can bring when you travel.  It can help if you have anxiety about flying.

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4. L-lysine

What is L-lysine? It is an amino acid. An important one. It is one of the building blocks of your neurotransmitters. If your brain is functioning as it should, the space for anxiety is decreased.

Scientists have found that people who take L-lysine supplements have reduced levels of stress and anxiety [4]. L-lysine can be found in a natural supplement or added to your diet. Meat, fish, and beans are all good sources.

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5. Sunlight

Most of us lack vitamin D. Our bodies cannot naturally produce it. So, how can we solve this problem? Get outside. All we need is a little sunlight. When we really look at our day, it is amazing how much time we spend inside. Going from transit to office to home.

Get outside for a fifteen-minute walk (just don't forget your sunscreen!) and top up your vitamin D. Your anxiety and depression can be reduced dramatically [5]. Every part of your body needs vitamin D to function. If your body is lacking, you will feel it.


6. Exercise

When you exercise, you feel good. Endorphins are released, giving you a boost of positivity. You feel better about yourself, and when you feel better about yourself, there is less room for anxiety.

More recently, researchers have discovered something additional to this. When you exercise, your body temperature increases. Researchers believe that this increase in heat alters neural circuits. This boosts your cognitive function and mood [6]. Combine the released endorphins with the change in your neurotransmitters and your anxiety will be on the wane.

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7. Hot Bath

You cannot help but feel relaxed in a hot bath. Add in some Epsom salts and you can feel your muscles relax almost instantly. We already talked about how increasing your body heat can result in less anxiety.

The Epsom salts can help with the fight too. Magnesium sulphate (contained in Epsom salt) has been shown to lower your blood pressure, resulting in less stress and anxiety [7]. Add in a few drops of lavender and your anxiety may melt away.

Hot Bath

8. Lower Your Caffeine Intake

Or cut it out altogether. Caffeine gives you a short boost to your energy, but that comes at a cost. It can also make you more anxious, and once the short boost is done, your body craves more. Lowering or cutting out caffeine can help. You may find some short-term discomfort and you may suffer from a headache on the first few days, but after that, it is plain sailing.

Switch your cup of coffee for some health-boosting green tea (it has a lot less caffeine than coffee) or chamomile tea and watch out for caffeine in other products such as sodas and chocolate. A reduction in caffeine may be how you decrease the anxiety you have been carrying around for years [8].

No Coffee

9. Take a 'Forest Bath'

In Japan, it is called: ‘Shinrin-yoku’, which translates as: ‘forest bath’. Do not worry; we are not suggesting that you combine water and branches. When you take a forest bath, you are bathing yourself in a forest.

Take a walk there. Take in the smells and sounds. People who do this have less stress after a forest bath that when they take a walk in a more urban area [9].

Forest Bath

10. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is becoming a common part of people’s lives and for good reason. It is very effective in treating anxiety [10]. When you start to practice mindfulness, you are experiencing yourself in the present.

You begin to look at the world around you without judgement. You accept it. This acceptance helps you to process the world around you. Here is a short meditation session that you can do right now.

Next Steps?

As you add some of the steps into your life, you who should always be aware of your diet. If you can improve your diet, you can actively decrease your stress and anxiety. So, what would you be looking out for?

  • Cut down on your caffeine, alcohol, and sugar.
  • A deficiency in magnesium, vitamin B12, and zinc can increase anxiety. Seek out foods which contain these vitamins and minerals. If you cannot get them through food, you can also find natural supplements.
  • Limit food which is high in saturated fat. You should also stay away from fried foods and processed food.
  • Blueberries and peaches are superfoods. Both can decrease your anxiety levels.
  • Magnesium and tryptophan can be found in whole grains. Add whole grains to your diet for a mood boost. (Oats increase your serotonin levels. This helps with your blood-sugar level.)
  • Find foods which are rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, or take a supplement daily.

Adding lots of healthy food to your diet at once can be difficult and expansive. So many people are turning to natural supplements to get the nutrients they need. 


Anxiety is a tricky subject. The above steps can decrease or even eliminate your anxiety, but home remedies do not replace professional help. These steps are risk-free. Try them, but also consult a medical professional.

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