The 3 Best Face Massage Tools for Looking Younger

The 3 Best Face Massage Tools for Looking Younger

We all want to look younger. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, it can be hard to look inside of ourselves to the beauty underneath, especially when our faces look tired or stressed. When our muscles are tight or stressed, we cannot feel relaxed.

A facial massage can relax the tension in our skin. A massage can leave our skin feeling soft an smooth; tight, yet elastic. It is when we feel relaxed on the outside then we can really look inside of ourselves, and a facial massager tool can help us to do just that.

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What Does Face Massage Actually Do?

One of the best things about any sort of massage is that it warms up the skin. When this happens, the blood underneath is warmed, and the flow of blood is boosted. This gives us energy and helps to relieve tension and stress. Of course, our muscles are also warmed, helping them to relax and ridding them of any stress which may have built up.

A facial massage has long shown great results in the look and the feel of skin. Many skincare brands have also begun to release their own dedicated facial massage equipment to boost the efficacy of their anti-aging elixirs.

Unfortunately, there is no such elixir, but that does not mean that facial skin care is useless. Quite the opposite. Moisturizing and massaging your facial skin can have a plethora of effects. From the disappearance of wrinkles to the self-healing properties, massage can leave you looking and feeling a million times happier.

What we want to tell you about is the correct application of these products. If you buy a great facial massager and amazing face cream, you can see some real effects, but if you do not use them correctly, then you may as well throw your money away now. (If you don’t want to by expensive beauty products, you can make your own chamomile face oil.)

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The Main Benefits of a Face Massage

  • 1

    The stress and tension in your face, especially around your jawline, can be removed. As muscles soften, the tightness disappears.

  • 2

    Blood flow is boosted. This means that your skin will look more vibrant, refreshed, glowing, and elastic.

  • 3

    As muscles are massaged, the toxins are moved out of the muscles. The less grime, dirt, and pollution in your muscles, and your face overall, the better.

  • 4

    Your skin is not tight, but elastic. It can stretch and conform, but it is also soft. A facial massage means less need for botox and other fillers.

  • 5

    The lymphatic nerve is stimulated. This leads to less of a puffy look in your face.

  • 6

    Your endorphins are stimulated, making you feel naturally happier.

  • 7

    Your muscles are relaxed.

When Should You Have a Facial Massage?

We would recommend a facial massage whenever you can, but we most often like to have a facial massage right before we go to sleep. The perfect facial massage sends us off into a world of rest and relaxation, and when we are done, there is no better place to be than curled up in bed with a rightful of sleep to come.

Face massage before bed

Five Essential Face Massage Moves

You cannot really go wrong with a facial massage as long as you are gentle and kind, but there are some things which you can do to make the massage the best it can be. Stay fluid with your movements. Be a little firm but have softness in your fingers too. You should also focus on the areas which need managed the most.

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Here are some steps you can follow to get the most out of your massage.

General Rules for Face Massage

  • Start in the center and work your way out.

  • Be firm with the muscles.

Step 1

Take some massage oil (homemade or store-bought) and rub some into your palms and fingers.

Step 2
Start with your nose and sweep your fingers from the center of the nose to your cheeks, and then up under your eyes.

Step 3
Use your fingers to sweep from your chin, along each of your jawlines, and up to your ear.

Step 4
Place your fingers on the bridge of your nose and move them upwards to the top of your forehead Use good pressure and move your fingers out as you do.

Step 5
Place your fingers at the corner of each eye and sweep down under your cheekbones to the bottom of your nose.

Alternatively, you can also try the Japanese Tanaka facial massage technique.

Three Face Massage Tools That’ll Restore Your Glow and Banish Stress Simultaneously

If you have tried out five-step face massage, then you will agree that it is relaxing and stress-relieving. If you want to talk your face massage to the next level, then try one of these amazing massage tools.

1. Face Lifting Massage Roller

This roller does not look like a face massager. The very first time you see it, you will want to place it in some water and leave it on a table as decoration, but do not let the pleasant look fool you. This massager has twelve wheels which run up and down your face to massage your cheeks, neck, and chin. A few sessions with this massage roller and you will look and feel younger.

The massager looks dainty but it is strong. You can apply a lot of pressure and sometimes that is exactly what your face needs. The three-stage wheels have irregular distribution to give a better massage experience and to conform to all areas of your face.

Ten minutes a day is all it will take to leave your skin looking and feeling tighter. Your skin will glow and feel radiant. Simply run the massager up and down the sides of your face while applying as much pressure as you feel comfortable with.

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2. Jade Roller for Face

We love this tool as it is a great gateway into professional massage, but one which professionals still use. Sometimes the simplest tools are the best, and there is no need to improve a tool which, simply, works.

The Jade Roller is silky smooth, and the angled roller will conform to all parts of your face. When you combine this roller with a high-quality massage oil or professional moisturizer, you will get the result you would get if you had gone to see a professional (all from the comfort of your own home).

The best part? IT is extremely affordable. Why pay hundreds of dollars for treatments when you can use this massager on your own time.

A few weeks of this massager and you can say goodbye to wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, sagging skin, puffy skin, pain, and dead skin. A few weeks is all it will take to feel vibrant and refreshed.

Simply use the roller by starting at the center of the face and working your way out. The tapered edge allows you to get into tighter spots, such as under your eyes, and the rounded middle helps to massage and rejuvenate the muscles underneath. Apply as much pressure as you like and look forward to glowing skin.

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3. Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Jade works wonders for the skin. It is no wonder that jade has been used in beauty regimes for well over 2000 years. Is it time to move away from it now? With over 2000 years of positive feedback, you would be unwise to choose anything else.

The smooth surface will massage your skin while providing a smooth contact which will never rub or chafe. The material is hard enough to work for muscles and durable enough never to break. This massager is made from high-quality jade, and when you buy it, you should be ready for it to be passed down from generation to generation.

Use the massager to firmly massage your face from the center out and get ready for smooth and luxurious skin.

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