The Best Foot Massager for Diabetics

best foot massager for diabetics

Foot damage is a common complication of diabetes.  High blood sugar levels over time can lead to poor circulation and nerve damage.  That can be painful.

There are things that you can do.  One of the benefits of daily foot massage is improved circulation.  It is easy to do at home with the proper equipment.

So what is the best foot massager for diabetics? You want one that will help boost your circulation.  Luckily there are several exceptional devices that fit the bill.

Let’s take a look at why foot massagers are a wise investment and how they can help people with diabetes.

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What is Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that often affects your legs and feet. It may affect as many as half of those with diabetes. (1) Symptoms range from pain and numbness in your legs and feet to problems with your digestive system, urinary tract, heart, and more depending on the affected nerves. While these symptoms can be mild for some people, others find it painful and disabling.

Can Diabetics Use Foot Massagers?

In many cases, yes, but everyone is different so it’s important to consult your doctor before purchasing.  Diabetics will need to watch the heat and pressure levels of the machines.

How Can Foot Massage Help?

Of course, foot massagers can not cure diabetes or even diabetic neuropathy, but they can help improve circulation.  This can reduce inflammation, numbness, and pain. Additionally, a foot massage has a soothing effect that will help you relax and destress.

Note: This post is not medical advice.  Please also make sure you discuss your specific situation with your doctor.  Keep in mind the sensation in your feet may be reduced so be extra careful when using any heat function as you could unintentionally burn yourself.

The Best Foot Massagers for Diabetics

For someone with diabetes or peripheral neuropathy, you need a foot massager that will help to improve circulation.  Of course, it should give you a nice massage that will help you relax too.  Which foot massager machines fit the bill?

Let’s take a look at the top foot massagers for diabetics.  You can find a summary of the options in the table with detailed reviews of each one below.


Key Features


  • Adjustable poistioning

  • 11 speed options

  • Fits all feet sizes

Cloud Massage

  • Rolling ball massage

  • Adjustable positioning

  • Can massage calves too

  • Heat


  • Air pressure massage

  • 5 settings

  • Easy to clean

  • Heat


  • 6 massage heads and 18 nodes

  • Adjustable

  • Heat


  • Rotation ball, rolling stick, and compression

  • 3 intensities and pressure levels

  • Heat


  • TENS and EMS technology

  • 25 modes and 99 intensity levels

  • Can be used on other body areas too

MedMassager MMF06 Therapeutic Deep Tissue Foot Calf Massager

Enjoy a custom massage that will increase oxygenated blood flow to your tired feet and help muscles and tendons relax.  Adjust the position of the massager to target different foot issues.  You can select the ideal speed from 11 different options up to 3700 RPM.

This massager can double as a footrest. Its platform style is open and comfortable for all foot sizes.  It is simple to use, you don’t even have to take off your shoes!  Customers report a noticeable difference after only a few minutes.

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What Customers Like



    Easy to use.



    Gets the job done.  Customers report a noticeable difference in how they feel after using the massager.

What Customers Don’t Like



    One of the more expensive massager options.



    Can be a bit noisy.



    No option to add heat.

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

This foot massager uses heat and rolling ball massagers to give you a high-pressure massage that will boost your circulation. Stimulated blood flow means healthier muscles and a healthier body.

We like how adjustable this massager is. You can easily adjust the angle so that you can sit in a comfortable position to target your feet or calves.  To get a stronger massage, lay the machine flat and use it while lying down.

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What Customers Like



    Adjustable tilt angle to match the body’s ergonomics



    Multiple settings for heat, air compression pressure, and vibration



    Decreased pain after a few massages

What Customers Don’t Like



    Soreness after the first few uses



    It is noisy

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings

This shiatsu foot massage has two independent foot chambers and five different air pressure settings. The adjustable air compression surrounds your feet with just the right amount of pressure for you, stimulating healthy blood flow and releasing endorphins.   You can also choose to add heat to warm tired muscles. All this can be controlled with wireless remote.

It comes with a spare remote just in case, a 15-minute auto-shutoff timer, and removable covers for easy washing.  If you are not fully satisfied, there is a one-year warranty.

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What Customers Like



    Different settings so massage can be tailored to individual preferences.



    Easy to clean with removable covers.



    Wireless Remote.

What Customers Don’t Like



    Doesn’t target heel or ankles

Nekteck Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

This remarkable foot massager has six massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes to help relax your muscles, ease tension, and regulate your blood flow.  It has a mild heating function to help relieve foot pain, but it can easily be turned off if you prefer not to use it.

The adjustable height feature makes this foot massager more comfortable for you.  There are three levels for your convenience. We love that you can access the power button and set the massage mode using your toe.  It’s nice that you don’t need to bend down.

This massager provides a powerful massage for diabetic feet. If you are concerned it will be too hard and painful for you, you can place a towel in between your feet and the massager at first. When you get used to the pressure level, then you can remove the towel for a better experience.

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What Customers Like



    Lots of massage nodes and heads to relieve pain.



    Easy to adjust, making the massage experience more comfortable

What Customers Don’t Like



    This foot massager may not work well if the arches of your feet are too high.

RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Deep Kneading Therapy

Get a deep kneading shiatsu foot massage with the RENPHO foot massager.  It uses a rotation ball, rolling stick, heat, and compression to relieve foot pain and improve blood flow.

The ergonomic design makes it feel like a professional foot massage. There are three kneading intensities and three pressure levels than can be adjusted to your personal preference. The soothing heat function can be controlled independently.  There is a touch panel that can be easily controlled with your foot.

It’s easy to clean since you can remove the cloth in the foot chambers and wash it. With its enlarged foot rooms, the RENPHO foot massager can accommodate foot sizes up to men size 12.

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What Customers Like



    Feels almost like you are getting a professional massage



    Can control the massager settings with your feet.



    Can handle larger feet.

What Customers Don’t Like



    The cost compared to other mats.



    It needs to be handled carefully since it’s full of spikes.

Osito EMS Foot Massager Circulation Device

This device for Osito is not your typical foot massager.  It’s an FDA cleared Class II Medical device that uses the same EMS and TENS technology that has been used by physical therapists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals for over 50 years.

The foot pads are electrodes that will help stimulate the nerves and muscles in the soles of the feet.  This helps to increase local blood circulation and decrease muscle tension.

Choose from 25 pre-programmed modes and 99 intensity levels to customize your therapy.  Just use the remote control (pownered by two AAA batteries that are included) and the easy to read LCD screen.

It has three channels so while you use it on your feet, you can also treat two different body areas or even people, making it a full body pain relief solution when you need it. The device comes complete with 4 TENS pads that can be used at home or on-the-go. 

Like other TENS and EMS combo units, this foot stimulator massager is not safe for those that have a pacemaker, other medical implant, or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). If you are pregnant or think that you may be pregnant, speak to your doctor before using it.

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What is the Best Foot Massager for Diabetics?

When choosing a massager for the diabetic feet,  you need something that will help with circulation.  There are many foot massagers that can do this, so which one should you choose?

It will depend on some of your personal preferences.  You need to take into consideration the size of your feet, your budget, and preferred massage styles. If you cannot decide for yourself, then here are our recommendations.

The Best Overall Foot Massage Machine

Osito EMS Foot Massager Circulation Device

The Osito Foot Massager provides customizable therapy that can be easily controlled with a wireless remote.  The TENS and EMS technology can be used on parts of the body too.

Note that this massager is not suitable for those with pacemakers, medical implants, DVT, or those that may be pregnant.

The Best Diabetic Foot Massage Machine for the Money

Nekteck Foot Massager with Heat

The Nekteck foot massager is an affordable option that can be tailored to provide a personalized treatment.  You don’t even have to bend down to make adjustments since everything can be controlled with your toes.

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Other Feet Care Tips for Diabetics

As a diabetic, your feet are vulnerable.  It is important that you take steps to care for your feet.  In addition to foot massage, consider:

  • See a podiatrist regularly.
  • Checking your feet daily for cuts, sores, blisters, bruises, and cracked or dry skin.
  • Keep toe nails short (but not too short).   If you have in-grown toenails or a nail infection. Don’t treat it yourself, see a Podiatrist.
  • When bathing, use anti-bacterial soap or body wash and make sure to rinse away the soapy residue with warm water. (Be careful to make sure the water is not too hot.)
  • After bathing, take some time to dry your feet.  Then use a specialized lotion (like this) to moisturize.  Be careful not to get any between your toes where trapped moisture could lead to infection.
  • Consult with a doctor before using any foot spa massagers.  It might not be a good idea to soak your feet and the water could be too hot and you could accidentally burn yourself.
  • Never go barefoot.
  • Wear shoes that fit properly.
  • Consider trying a Thai foot massage.

Potential Risks of Massagers for Diabetic Neuropathy

Using a foot massager for diabetic neuropathy is not without risks.  If you plan to use home massage therapy to help with neuropathy, please consult with your doctor before you begin.  It’s best to keep your massage sessions to 15 minutes or less.  Also, keep in mind that using heat can be dangerous if you lack sensation in your feet, as you could accidentally burn the skin without immediately noticing.

diabetes foot care infographic

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