The Best Forearm Massagers to Relieve Pain (2022)

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Forearm pain is more common than you might think.  It can be caused by various medical conditions, overuse, or even injury.  For those that suffer from forearm pain, it can make everyday life difficult.

It’s not something you have to just live with.  There are things that you can do. Massage is one of the best ways to relieve forearm pain.  It’s simple and can be done at home.

Let’s take a look at the best forearm massagers on the market.  It’s much easier to perform an effective massage at home if you have the right tools, but as with any type of recurring pain, you should consult your doctor before beginning a treatment program.

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Benefits of Forearm Massage

Forearm massage can help relieve pain especially from repetitive use injuries like tennis elbow.  By targeting trigger points, you can ease tension and tightness. It will also improve your circulation.  This can also improve your performance by helping to increase your range of motion.

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Like other types of massage, there are mental health benefits as well.  Regular massage can improve your mood and reduce your stress level. This can also help to improve the quality of your sleep.

The Best Forearm Massagers

There are several different types of forearm massagers.  Some use a roller forearm massage technique, while others use air pressure and trigger point therapy.  Choose the right one for you, based on your personal preferences.

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The table below summarizes the options and detailed reviews of each product follow.


Key Features


  • Dual stability rollers

  • Can be used for self-massage on other parts of the body


  • Can use it for three professional massage techniques

  • Lightweight


  • Easy to use with only one hand


  • Roller that does more than just myofascial massage

  • Can be used on other parts of the body too

Fit King

  • Air pressure massager that also works on calves

  • Adjustable intensity

  • Portable & cordless

Rolflex PRO Edition Leverage Foam Roller

This forearm masage roller utilizes leveraged compression to allow you to adjust the amount of pressure while you are foam rolling.

The Pro model has dual stability rollers that enable even deeper trigger point therapy. The yellow foam on the roller arm combined with the dual stability rollers on the stabilization arm provide leverage and support so you can target your precise trigger points

The clam-shape design of the Rolflex Pro allows you to comfortably and effectively perform self-massage on your arms, hands, legs, and feet using leverage. The removable roller arm and multi-strap lets you anchor the Roller Arm and achieve a deep self-massage of your shoulders, neck, back, and more.

The Rolflex foam roller is compact so you can easily fit it in your backpack to take with to work or when you travel.  It comes with a full 2-year limited warranty and a 120-day no questions asked 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews on Amazon.

Armaid Foam Massager

The ARMAID massager has been on the market since 1999! It was invented by sports massage therapist Terry Cross so that those suffering from a repetitive strain injury (RSI), such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, or De Quervain’s could perform trigger point therapy on their own at home.

The design of the Armaid allows you to apply just the right amount of pressure without having to grip too hard and adjusts easily to any size arm.  It gives you the ability to do three professional massage techniques (Active Release, Trigger Point, or Myofascial Release Therapy) with one tool.

This massager is light-weight (only one pound), making it very portable.  It comes with a travel bag, handle fastener, lifetime manufacturer warranty, and complete instructional videos.

The key is to start slow, with no more than 2-3 minutes per session, 2-3 sessions per day, and then gradually build up your daily regimen.  One-on-one counseling with a therapist is also available from the manufacturer.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews on Amazon.

Roleo Tennis Elbow Trigger Point Massager

With the Roleo Arm Massager, you can self-apply proven effective deep tissue massage techniques to release muscle tensions in the forearm, hands and wrists. This will help you put an end to the pain and discomfort from chronic conditions and inflammations caused by repetitive hand, wrist, or forearm motions.

While it may feel like an expensive professional massage, this deep tissue massager won’t break a bank and it can be used daily without a battery or electricity.  It’s perfect for you if you are looking for a myofascial release tool, deep tissue self massage tool, or carpal tunnel massager.

The point that makes this massager stand out from the rest is that you don’t need to use your other hand.  You can hold a cup of coffee with your left hand while effectively massaging your right. The Roleo massager can be used once in the morning or evening, or throughout the day for a few minutes at a time.

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StrongTek Trigger Point Roller Massager

This StrongTek roller works by generating sustained squeezing pressure that softens overworked muscles and melts tight connective tissues. While it works similarly to a foam roller, it’s easier to use and will target problem areas more efficiently.

No more rolling around on the floor for twenty minutes to get some relief.  The StrongTek forearm massager machine does the work for you. Relax on the couch and push your arm through the device.  Just a minutes and the tension will start to release.

Use the StrongTek forearm roller machine for hand therapy, tennis elbow treatment, and carpal tunnel relief.  It also may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

In addition to your forearm, it can be used on your wrists, hands, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, quadriceps, IT bands, calves, shins, and feet too.  Wherever there is pain, it can probably help.

The shape and lightweight body make it ideal to keep in a gym bag, travel carryon, or a bed side table so you can get the customized myofascial release you need almost anywhere.

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Fit King Air Luxury Arm and Leg Massager

Most people will look at this Fit King massager and think that it is a calf massager, but with its fully adjustable velcro straps, it is versatile enough to work well on your forearms too.

Simply place your arm inside the device and select  your preferred intensity level (there are three options). It will begin to apply air pressure from three chambers and squeeze out discomfort.

You can use the Fit King leg and arm massager anywhere, anytime as it’s lightweight, portable, and rechargeable.  The battery lasts about 3.5 hours and takes about 2.5 hours to charge.

Throw it in your bag and use it after a long day of work or an intense workout session.  You can even use it while it is charging.

The package includes 1 massager, 1 charger, a USB cable, and user manual.  If you want to be able to massage both forearms at the same time, you will need to buy two.

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What is the Best Forearm Massager?

You can’t go wrong with any of the massagers on this list.  They all provide effective therapy to help with forearm pain, but you might be wondering which one you should buy.  It’s a personal choice, but we definitely have a top pick.

The Best Overall Forearm Massage Machine

Armaid Foam Massager

The Airmaid massager has been around for awhile.  It’s a tried and tested device.  We love the versatility it offers so you can try different massage techniques.  It’s also lightweight so you can take it with you on the go.

Is a Forearm Massager Worth It?

Yes.  These forearm massagers will make a difference if used regularly.  If you feel like they are too expensive or your pain is minimal, there are some other options.

Other Forearm Massage Tools

If your budget is tight, then you might want to consider a forearm massage tool instead.  These will help increase the effectiveness of the forearm massage.

Stainless Steel Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool

Gua Sha, sometimes referred to as “scraping”, “spooning” or “coining” by English speakers, is a traditional Chinese medical treatment in which the skin is scraped to improve circulation. It is intended to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that practitioners believe may be responsible for inflammation.

This Gua Sha tool is made with premium medical-grade stainless steel and polished to a mirror- like finish, so that it is durable and reduces friction.  In addition to the forearms, you could use this massage tool for other smaller to medium sized areas of the body such as the back, neck, calves, and pectoral muscles. The pointed edge can be used on smaller joints of the body.

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The Wave Tool

The Wave Tool uses similar principles to the Gua Sha tool but it is shaped a bit differently.   You can find instructional videos showing how it should be used here. The unique 3D grip design is more ergonomic.  It increases user tactile sensitivity while decreasing hand strain.

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Massage Ball

A massage ball is an affordable tool that will make self-massage of your forearms easier and more effective.  With a forearm massage ball, you are able to target small areas and work on some of the most stubborn knots.

using a massage ball on the forearm

There is a wide range of massage balls available, so everyone can find options to fit their own needs and preferences.  You might find our massage ball buying guide helpful.

Forearm Massage Tips

As you start your forearm massage program, keep in mind these tips:

  • It takes daily massage to see an improvement.  Don’t expect to feel much of a difference after one massage.
  • Start out slow.  Begin with a few minutes and increase the time gradually.
  • Use the right amount of pressure.  Too much will bruise and damage your muscles.
  • If you have an injury, be careful not to put pressure on inflamed or injured tissues directly. Instead, work on the tight muscles surrounding an injury.
  • Drink more water than you normally would.  This will hydrate muscles, flush out lactic acid, and help your whole body’s recovery.

More Devices for Forearm Pain Relief

A forearm massager is not the only tool on the market to help with your pain.  There are a few other devices you can try as well.


A TENS (aka Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) can help relieve many types of pain. It works by sending gentle electronic pulses to your nerves to reduce the pain signals to the spinal cord and brain.

While there are TENS devices designed to fit your elbow, you can use any TENS unit to get results.  Read more about how to use a TENS unit for tennis elbow.

Forearm Brace or Sleeve

A brace or sleeve can pressure to the muscles below the elbow to reduce pain and help you move your arm freely. You can see the options for braces and sleeves here.

Hot Cold Therapy Pack for Forearm

Ice and heat therapy can treat a variety of ailments.  The cold can reduce inflammation and swelling, while the heat can loosen up muscles to prevent stiffness.  It’s nice to be able to do both treatments with one device.  Check out these hot cold therapy packs designed for the forearm here.

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