The Best Massage for Lower Back Pain: How to Relieve Your Discomfort


massage for lower back pain

  • The whole body massage promotes general relaxation. There are two major muscles that work together to stabilize and support the spine and hips. The spine massage techniques that target specific muscles and connective tissue are called structural massages. 

  • A structural massage that targets the muscles from the buttocks and up to the neck is effective for relieving lower back pain. Some massage styles include the whole body with a special focus on a targeted area. 

Other Types:

  • Trigger point massage – the whole body that includes an extra focus on specific areas of pain caused by tightness (trigger points) in muscle tissues. Deep tissue massage – a whole-body massage that uses pressure to relieve tension in deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. 

There are other styles of massage, like Reflexology and Sports Massage, but the ones listed are some of the more common. For people who experience back pain, massage therapy can bring much-needed relief.

Benefits of Massage for Lower Back Pain Relief

Massage therapy can provide several benefits for those suffering from lower back pain. Massage can help to:

  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Anti-inflammatory pain relievers
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Promote relaxation


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