The Best Zero Gravity Chairs for Back Pain

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All you want to do is relax but when you have back pain, even sitting down can be an issue.  You need a chair that is comfortable and relieves the pressure on your back.

A zero gravity chair may be the solution you have been looking for.  Let me explain more about the technology and help you find the best zero gravity chair for you.

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero gravity (also referred to as zero-g) is a state of weightlessness. You don't feel any gravitational pull just like if you were in space.

NASA used this phenomenon to develop a position to maximise comfort and protect astronauts when heading into space. It alleviates pressure on the spine and keeps the astronauts comfortable until they’re out of orbit.

What does the zero gravity position look like?  While laying on your back, the body is bent in a 120° position.  The legs, spine, and head are elevated slighty higher than your stomach and heart.  

How Does Zero Gravity Help Back Pain?

When the body is in the zero gravity position, there is no pressure on the lower back whilst your upper back and head remain anatomically supported.  This reduces stress on the lower back, eases circulation, and relieves pain.

With the feet are elevated, your heart is on an equal plane with your body mass, and the effort required to pump blood throughout your body is minimized.  Zero gravity chairs help maximize lung performance and optimize the flow of oxygen-rich blood to critical organs like the brain which aides in pain relief. 

Just putting yourself in a zero gravity position will help with back pain, but if you want to take it a step further, there are some zero g chairs that also do massage.  While a zero gravity massage chair can provide additional benefits, they can be more expensive and may take up more space.

Read more about the best zero gravity massage chairs here.  You could also consider getting a zero gravity chair and using a massage chair pad.

Note: This post is not a substitute for professional medical advice.  While a zero-gravity chair may help relieve back pain it doesn't necessarily solve the underlying problem.  You should still see a doctor if you have back pain for more than a few days.

What to Look for in a Zero Gravity Chair

A zero gravity chair is an investment.  It is important to make sure that you find one that fits your needs.  Let's take a look at the different features to consider before buying a zero gravity chair.


You need to consider where you plan on using your zero-gravity chair.  Some models are more suited for outdoors, while others can only be used indoors.   Outdoor chairs will be more portable and can usually be folded up for storage.


When reclined, these zero gravity chairs do take up a fair amount of space, so make sure to choose one that will fit where you want to put it.  If you don't have enough room to recline it, then the chair won't be of much use.

Additionally, note the weight and height requirements for each chair.


It almost goes without saying that the chair needs to be comfortable.  Look to see what kind of fabric is used.  Depending on your preferences, consider a chair with extra padding.  Also, it is nice if the head rest and foot rest are both adjustable.


Zero gravity chairs come in a wide range of prices so think how much you are willing to spend.  You can save money by opting for an outside chair and using that inside, but it may not look as nice.

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The Top Zero Gravity Chairs

The table below summarizes the best zero gravity chair options. Following the table, you can find more detailed reviews of each one.


Key Features

Human Touch

  • Extended adjustable head rest
  • Lumbar support
  • High-end and stylish
  • Built to last


  • Memory foam pillow
  • Foot rest and back both adjustable
  • Remote Control
  • Vibration masage
  • Heat


  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Large cup holder
  • Breathable mesh back


  • Three layer padded support
  • Removeable headrest
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor

Best Choice

  • Large enough for two people
  • Removeable headrest
  • Drink trays on each side

Human Touch Hand-Crafted Zero Gravity PC-420 Chair

Human Touch make the only chairs endorsed by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).  The PC in this model number stands for Perfect Chair, and it's easy to see why that's a fitting name.  It looks polished and offers a unique balance of support and seating comfort.

Lean back and your body weight eases the chair into a position where your body is in a state of virtual weightlessness eliminating painful pressure points.  You can also choose to stay more upright if you prefer.  

The Human Touch zero gravity chair features wide armrests, an extended full-support head pillow, and ergonomic adjustable lumbar support.  Once you sit down, you won't want to get up.

This has all the elements of high-end furniture.  The solid wood base is hand-carved and hand-sanded.  It is upholstered with 100% full-grain premium leather from head to toe.

It's a stylish piece that will fit in any decor. The steel body frame protects against rust and discoloration.  This Human Touch chair is beauty that will last for years.

If that's not enough there are options to upgrade this chair.  You can choose from premium and top-grain leathers, and solid wood-based finishes.  They also offer upgrades to Memory Foam PLUS and Jade Heat for enhanced comfort and health benefits.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power Zero Gravity Recliner

This zero gravity recliner has the look and feel of fine furniture, but offers so much more.  It uses your body's natural shape to help you reach total relaxation.  

You can use the convenient remote control to effortlessly adjust the back or footrest to the optimal position.  The armrests are extended so they provide support at all the recline angles.  It has a Sensitemp memory foam pillow that can be easily adjusted.

Unlike other chairs on this list, this one offers massage and heat to help relax the muscles.  If you are wanting a massage chair, it's probably best to look at one of the zero-gravity massage chairs because this one only offers a vibration massage in the seat.  

You can choose from several different colors.  It is upholsted in synthetic leather and has a solid birch wood base that can support up to 300 lbs.  It would make a nice addition to any room.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

This outdoor zero gravity chair is comfortable, sturdy, and easy to adjust.  It will have you feeling more relaxed and comfortable whenever you sit in it.  You can fold it up without effort and use it wherever you go.

It has a locking system so it can be set to any position between 0 and 170 degrees and it won't wobble or lean.  You can also adjust the headrest and lumbar support.

There is also an armrest made of natural wood.  It's large cup holder can hold up to two beverages, a mobile device, a book, or any other item you want to keep within an arm's reach.

No assembly is needed.  The breathable mesh back is connected to padded seats.  The bungee suspension is strong and holds a maximum of 350 lbs.  It is large enough for people  up to 6'2".

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Recliner

The Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Folding Recliner is the go-to zero gravity lounge chair for unwinding both indoors and outdoors.  It has been designed to put your body in the ideal relaxation position with padding that makes you feel like you are lying on a cloud.

You can choose from several different reclining positions in this stylish and ergonomic chair.  It folds up nicely so you can take it with you when need to.

The AirComfort seat pad is made of a breathable and cushioned fabric that helps you stay cool.  It has three-layers of padding for additional comfort.  The headrest cushion is removable and it has a protective ring footrest.

It has a HLE Steel frame and uses the Lafuma patented clip suspension system with elastomere clips to link the fabric to the tubing for improved ergonomics, comfort, and back support.  It also makes it easier to unclip and gives the chair a longer lifespan.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Best Choice Products 2-Person Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for a zero gravity chair where you can sit together with your partner, friend, or kids, this is it.  It has an extra wide seat that can comfortably hold two people (up to 450 lbs) or you can keep all the space to yourself.

It's made of high-quality, UV-resistant mesh, and an aluminum frame for optimal support.  The replaceable elastic cords allow the chair to immediately conform to the body.

Sit down, place your book and drink on the tray and easily recline up to 160 degrees.  It's so comfortable you will want to lounge for hours.  When you are done relaxing, it folds up for easy storage.  It's also lightwright so you can take it anywhere.

This chair comes fully assembled so it is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box.  You will have to snap the trays on each side of the chair but it is a piece of cake. The padded headrest also is removable if you don’t want to use it.

Click here to check the price and read more reviews.

Is a Zero Gravity Chair Worth it? 

Yes.  These zero gravity chairs can work wonders when it comes to back pain and also help you relax.   You will be surprised by how much time you end up spending enjoying your new chair.  

These chairs are investments but they do last.   The pain relieve and relaxation a zero-gravity chair can provide is definitely worth the cost.

What is the Best Zero Gravity Chair?

The Best Overall Zero Gravity Chair

Human Touch PC-420 Chair

This piece of furniture is about as close to perfect as you can get.  It looks and feels luxorious.  You will spend a lot of time relaxing in this zero-gravity recliner because it is so comfortable and supportive.  It's an investment, but will be a part of your home for years.

The Best Zero Gravity Chair for the Money

Lafuma Futura Zero Gravity Chair

This Lafuma chair can be used inside or out.  Like all other chairs on this list, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of zero-gravity, but what stands out about this chair is the lush padding.  It feels a lot more expensive than it is. 

What Other Things Can Help with Back Pain?

Since back pain is a common issue, countless products have been develop to help.  You could try a back massager, a massage ball, or TENS machine.  

There are some acupressure points that can help with back pain too.  Also, consider using some of the best essential oils for back pain.

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