11 Tips for What to Do After A Massage

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Whether you splurged on a massage or invested time to pamper yourself at home, you want that feeling of euphoria to last as long as possible.  Don’t let the tension return shortly after leaving the treatment room.

What you do after the massage can be almost as important as the massage itself.  If you do the right things post-massage, you will feel a big difference. Follow these tips to extend the benefits of your massage session.

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Is it Normal To Feel Sore After a Massage?

Yes. Think of massage as a form of exercise.  Your muscles are being worked! The pressure from a massage therapist forces blood flow into the muscle, bringing nutrients and removing toxins. It can temporarily increase inflammation and discomfort to areas that the body feels need attention.

The first time you exercise or if you haven’t exercised in a while, your muscles will feel sore after a workout. Expect the same with a massage therapy.  The soreness from a massage will typically last 1-2 days. If the discomfort persists, consult a healthcare professional.

Remember if you don’t feel sore that doesn’t mean you didn’t get a good massage – that’s a common misconception about massages.  Each body is different when it comes to pain tolerance and intensity preferences.

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Tips for After a Massage

If you want to maximize the benefits of your massage, we have a few post-massage tips for you.  Follow these tips and it will also help minimize the amount of soreness that you feel after you have a massage.

Get Up Slowly After Your Massage

There is no need to rush, try to hold on to that relaxed feeling for a few minutes longer.  If your eyes were closed, open them gently. Then, if you were lying down roll on to your side, then slowly push yourself up into a seated position.

Stay seated for at least a minute while focusing on how your body feels and the relief that your sore muscles may be experiencing.  Have a sip or two of water, then you can stand up when you are ready. It’s OK if you want to stand still for a minute before moving on.

What to Eat After a Massage

You’re not supposed to eat much before your massage.  It’s likely you will feel hungry after your massage, so you might want to bring a light meal with you.  Eating after massage isn’t widely advisable but a piece of fruit like a banana or maybe some trail mix (containing healthy fats) will work well for your digestive system. Stay away from anything with processed sugar.

banana is perfect for that after massage snack

Don’t have a heavy meal after your massage because it can make you feel bloated and sluggish, rather than re-energized.  Choose a vegetarian meal or maybe some fish instead. Don’t eat anything fried or greasy.

If you want to treat yourself, have some dark chocolate.  The flavanols and antioxidants in dark chocolate can help reduce inflammation in your system and improve your mood.

Drink Water After Massage

It’s common knowledge that you need to drink water on a daily basis, but it is important to increase your water intake on the day of a massage. Before the massage, it will help hydrate the muscles so that they are easier to manipulate.

After your massage, you need to drink even more water.  This will help your body flush out the toxins that have been released from the massage.  If these waste materials build up it can cause soreness after the massage. This is especially true with deep tissue massages.

Another reason you should drink water after a massage is the treatment can be dehydrating.  When the muscles are worked, they lose water and electrolytes.

glass of water with a slice of lemon

If you want the water to be more flavorful, add a slice of lemon or lime, which will also gives the water a small vitamin C boost.  You can also infuse it with basil, mint, cucumber, or berries.  It doesn’t have to be a boring glass of water.

How much water should you drink after a massage? It depends on how much you water you typically consume on a daily basis.  Try to increase that by at least 10%.

Take a Bath or Shower

Taking a bath or shower a few hours after your massage will help you prolong the zen feeling.  It’s also helpful to wash off any of the excess lotions or oils used in the massage.

If you have a shower massage head, it can make the experience more spa like. Just be sure the water is not too hot.


It’s preferable to take a 15 to 20-minute long bath if you can. Use a bath pillow to support your head and neck.  It’s more relaxing and you can add some Epsom Salt, which is a natural muscle relaxer.

If you want something more luxurious, make your own bath salts with essential oils.  They are also wonderful at drawing out toxins in the body. When you rid the body of toxins, it will retain less water and you will feel less bloated.

You could also try these homemade natural bath bombs.

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Take it Easy

If you can, don’t plan anything that requires lots of energy right after your massage.  It is normal to feel a bit tired afterward. Don’t feel guilty about taking a nap.  It could even be a good time to try this chamomile tea bag eye treatment.

If you feel the need to exercise, try yoga, swimming, stretching, or a peaceful walk. Don’t attempt a high-intensity workout.  Give your mind and body time to recover and re-balance itself.

flowers, towels, and candles to creating a calming massage atmosphere

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

I wouldn’t worry if you have one drink, but it’s best to stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages for 12 – 24 hours after your massage.  The toxins that the massage released into your bloodstream can increase the negative effects of alcohol. Additionally, both a massage and drinking alcohol can make you dehydrated.

If you do decide to have alcohol after your massage, it is critical that you drink extra water.  Be aware that you may feel the effects of the alcohol faster than you normally would. Also, be prepared for a more intense hangover.

Avoid Caffeine

cup filled with herbal tea

Like alcohol, caffeine can be dehydrating so it’s best not to drink coffee (or any caffeinated drink) for at least a few hours after your massage.  If you would like to have a warm drink, consider an herbal tea like chamomile which is not only calming and assists with the detoxification and rehydration process. It could be a nice addition to your evening routine.

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Wear Comfortable Clothes

Comfortable clothes will help you stay relaxed after a massage.  If you are going to your massage appointment straight from the office, bring some relaxed clothes to wear after your massage.

Keep in mind massage oil will have a cooling effect as it evaporates from your skin so you might want warm clothes.  Also, avoid elastics and man-made fabrics that don’t let your skin breathe.

Be Prepared to Get Emotional

As your body relaxes, emotional baggage you may not even realize you had can surface.  Sometimes the baggage will make you feel joy and other times sorrow. If you feel the need to cry, it’s OK, just let it out.  You will feel better after the emotional release.

Avoid the News

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Reading the news in today’s environment can quickly raise stress levels.  The press tends to focus on negative news because it sells. Try to avoid checking the news after your massage so that you don’t get worked up.

Plan Your Next Massage

You feel amazing after just one massage, but to see long-lasting health benefits, it’s best to make it a regular habit.  This will also help minimize the amount of soreness you feel after a massage. How often you should get a massage is going to depend on your body and its needs.

Regular massages at a spa can get expensive quickly.  If there is a massage school near you, that could help save some money, but it is more economical to have massages at home.  You don’t even need a licensed massage therapist, there are fancy massage chairs or handheld massagers that will do the job.

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What to Do After a Massage

After your massage, you need to focus on staying relaxed and re-hydrating yourself.  It’s simple, yet, so many people try to jump right back into life and think that the massage didn’t make much of a difference.  Follow our recommendations. They are not difficult to do, but you will see increased benefits from the massage.

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