What Is Yoni Massage And Its Benefits?


What Is Yoni Massage And Its Benefits?

A yoni massage is a tantric vaginal massage with ancient origins.

According to advanced certified tantra instructor Mare Simone, who learned about yoni massage from Charles Muir, known as the “godfather of tantra,” the name “yoni” originates from the ancient Sanskrit language. “It means the sacred space where life comes from.” 

It refers to the sacred area from which life originates.

On the other hand, a yoni massage involves more than just the vagina. Rosie Rees defines a yoni massage as “a full body tantric massage that includes the buttocks, breasts, vulva, and vagina,” with consent from the recipient at every step.

Although a yoni massage can definitely lead to the climax, orgasm is not the goal. “The main goal [of a yoni massage] is really healing and awakening pleasure,” Simone explains. More than anything else, it is intended to be an extremely powerful, transformational experience.

Another significant benefit of a yoni massage, according to Simone, is the release of tension and emotions that women tend to hold in their pelvic areas without even realizing it. It doesn’t even have to be from violent sexual trauma—it could simply be that sex is still considered taboo or shameful in many circles.

How To Give Yourself A Yoni Massage Therapy

  • 1. Make some ambiance
  • 2. Determine your wants for the experience.
  • 3. Begin with silence.
  • 4. Get handsy
  • 5. Pay attention to your body.
  • 6. If you become excited, take a break.
  • 7. Take advantage of the afterglow

8 Benefits Of Yoni Massage

Yoni Massage can have several benefits such as improved sexual function and increased self-esteem.

If you are interested in trying out this type of massage, be sure to find a reputable massage therapist who has experience performing them.

You should also make sure that your therapist uses proper draping techniques to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

1. It Aids Your Mental Health

Yoni is excellent for improving your mental health, particularly anxiety and depression.

That’s because you get to spend more time connecting with yourself and exploring the possibilities of pleasure.

2. It Promotes Healing

A yoni massage can help people heal from sexual trauma.

Those who have negative feelings about sex may have feelings about both male and female genitalia.

These emotions can be released through vaginal intimacy, allowing the brain to associate female genitals with positive, pleasurable connotations instead.

3. It Improves Your Sex Life

Exploring yoni massage can help you improve or spice up your sex life.

You’ll learn what feels good and turns you on by stimulating the vagina.

Whether you experiment alone or with a partner, you’ll spice up your sexual encounters and enjoy spending more time in the bedroom.

4. Have Better Orgasms

While orgasm isn’t the ultimate goal of yoni massage, regular exploration can help you have better, more intense orgasms.

This could be because you’re learning more about your body, experiencing a different type of pleasure, or simply starting to understand where you like to be touched.

5. Helps Painful Menstrual Cycles

One of the best benefits of yoni massage, according to many women, is that it helps with painful menstruation.

Stimulating your vagina may help to relieve pain by increasing blood flow to the genital area.

6. Improves Body Confidence

Experimenting with yoni massage may help if you’re struggling with self-esteem issues, intimacy, or a fear of being naked with a partner.

Yoni massage not only boosts confidence in many women, but it also improves their sex drive, so they begin to enjoy having sex with their partner.

7. Helps Painful Sex

Vaginal massage can help if you find sex painful.  Vaginal massage is a specialized sex technique for women (opens in new tab) that targets the vulva and inside the vaginal canal.

The aim is to improve the sensitivity of the vagina, relieve tension in the vaginal walls, and enhance sexual pleasure, explains the gynecologist.

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