Where Should You Not Use A Theragun


Where Should You Not Use A Theragun

Theraguns are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to alleviate muscle soreness and tension.

While Theraguns is a handy tool for muscle and body recovery, there are certain instances where using one may not be ideal.

For example, if you have open wounds or cuts, avoid using a Theragun, as the vibrations may irritate them. Additionally, since Theragun can cause increased blood flow to affected areas, it should not be used if you have a clotting disorder like hemophilia.

Now that you know when not to use a Theragun, why should you get one?

How To Choose Between A Theragun Vs A Deep Tissue Massage

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What Is Theragun?

Theragun is a device that delivers vibrations to the body to alleviate muscle soreness. It works by sending high-frequency vibrations deep into the muscles to provide relief from pain and tension.

A deep tissue massage gun can reduce pain and improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall muscle performance. It can also help with recovery after exercise or injury.

When Not To Use A Theragun 

A Theragun is an incredibly effective tool that can be used to relieve muscle tension and stress, but it’s important to know where not to use one.

To get the full benefit of your Theragun without risking injury, you need to understand which areas of the body should never be targeted by the device.

So, what areas should you avoid, and are some places off-limits? “You want to ensure to stay away from bony areas like the ankles, collarbones, hands, and tops of the feet, visible blood vessels on the surface of the skin, sensitive nerves, and ribs/ organs,” says a certified personal trainer who specializes in the use of Theragun devices.

Let’s break down a few areas where not to use a massage gun:

On The Face & Neck Area 

The face and neck area should never be targeted with a Theragun. This area of the body is much more delicate than other areas, and the powerful vibrations from the gun can cause damage to sensitive muscle tissue. It’s best to avoid using a Theragun on the face and neck area altogether. 

Additionally, it can cause skin irritation, so avoid using a Theragun on your face and neck altogether. 

The face and neck are sensitive areas, so these should be avoided when using your Theragun.

In addition, this area contains many important nerves that could be damaged if too much pressure is applied.

When using your Theragun on the rest of your body, keep the vibration settings low enough that it won’t cause any pain or discomfort in those areas. 

Over Bone & Joints 

It’s important to remember that bones cannot be massaged with a Theragun. Directly applying the device over the bone can cause injury due to the powerful vibration of the device.

Furthermore, direct application over joints such as knees or elbows should also be avoided as it can increase inflammation in these areas.

If you need relief in these areas, make sure you use a softer treatment technique like foam rolling or stretching instead of relying on your Theragun. 

When You Are Injured 

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